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    When I go to download the Web OS Doctor, my Windows Vista computer does not know what to do with the JNLP file. There is no "Open with" Java association and I do have Java installed.

    So, how is this done?
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    JNLP? You should just get a .jar file that runs with Java.
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    The JNLP file is supposed to kick start the download of the jar (like QTL does for a Quicktime Movie download) but it str8 up is not doing that, either in Firefox or IE. I'm puzzled.
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    Ok, I manually opened the JNLP file (which is XML) and got the URL for the JAR.

    Now the JAR won't do anything when i run it, just gives me a "Windows Installer" dialog box that just has information, not an executable application.

    Do i need to be fluent in Java to get this to work?
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    Well, the direct link still works.
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    Well hell, I downloaded it on my other computer (XP) and it ran fine. Firefox launched the download and installed no problem. Guess my Vista machine needs un/reinstall of JRE.
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