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    I just got a call to pick up a Pre, and I was wondering if there were any specific defects I should check for at the store? Obviously, it would be tough to test for bad battery or reception issues (beyond it not working at all), but my plan so far just includes checking that the keys work fine, the slider is good, and that there aren't (too many) dead pixels. Thanks a lot guys.
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    you will more than likely not have any RIGHT out of the box except a few people have mentioned they see screen scratches and cuts. Most of the defects take a few days to take effect.
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    I had a small chunk taken out of the screen on my first one. I'd also check for an excessively loose slider and see if it crashes on slider closing.

    Most of those defects are rare, but possible. I'd check for all of those before leaving the store.
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    Run all the tests in the device info->more info->pull down menu-> (quick tests and interactive tests) while at the store. That should reveal some of the main ones. That and the loose battery slider.

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