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    SO call me OCDC -obsessive coordinator of the digital clock. I was fooling around with it and I noticed that in the clock face view, the little digital display above the analog clock changes its minutes at different times than the analog clock. They both should change minutes when the little orange "seconds" ball reaches the 12-spot, but nope, they don't. I know this is a bug, but I looked in the Bug List and it tweren't there, and I sooo wanted to make people think I was obsessed with this!! Just watch and you will see for yourself!!

    Any body with a similar problem? I mean the clock...

    Anybody just now thinking of the song, "Come On Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners? Can't get that song out of your head now? Welcome to infinity!
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    I noticed this as well.
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    Yeah...and are you hearing Come on Eileen in your head too?!
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    My pre's been doing the same thing. I had the clock app minimized in card view the other day because I wanted to see if it would update while minimized and found that it lag s quite a bit behind the clock at the top of the screen.
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    Yeah the analog clock on mine is off too. The seconds does not match the time at the top launcher area of the clock.
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    Same here, I never used the analog clock but thought I'd try it out since I saw this thread.

    Mine is currently 15 seconds off. In other word, when the little orange ball gets to the 15 second mark on the clock, the digital clock on top changes to the next minute.

    On a side note, that has to be the ugliest excuse for an analog clock that I've ever seen.

    Also, don't see a way to display seconds on the digital clock unless I'm overlooking something.
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    Same with mine... The minute switch is taking place right around the 14 second mark I believe. Weird. Maybe they were using radians? Or just x-axis as zero? haha
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    Odd. About 5-minutes ago (9:23 PM, EDT), none of the three clocks (at the top, digital, analog) displayed the same time relative to one another.
    - Phone time (the one at the top) was 1 min behind the actual time.
    - Digital Clock, the same as the actual time. (as compared to the atomic clocks I have).
    - Analog clock, about +15 seconds.

    Now (9:28) Phone clock and digital clock match actual time...analog clock. Still +15 seconds.
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    Me too, I noticed it yesterday as I was using the Analog clock as a second timer. I'm off 15 seconds as well. Makes me wonder if other stopwatch/timer type apps would be affected as well.

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