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    Just wanted to share my experience as well. I, like several people, have had the Pre since Day 1, and this is actually my 2nd Pre (got it about 2 weeks later after a picture kept making it crash), but I babied it to the point of carrying around a microfiber cloth because the smudges drove me nuts. Anyhow on Monday, I sat it down on the arm of my couch, went to the kitchen, came back, and when I went to check it, I noticed what I thought was a smudge at first, and after a few wipes, I then upgraded it to a scratch and then after seeing the second and third lines, realized it had actually cracked. Similar to most people, they are under the plastic radiating out from the center button. Today, I took it to a Sprint store, and the CSR immediately remembered reading about screens spontaneously cracking on "Sprint Space" (???) and after inspecting the phone for any signs of abuse, she ordered me a refurb at no cost to me. It should be mailed to me in 3 days she said. The one thing she did is that she had to enter it as a "touchscreen malfunction." I assume she tried entering "cracked screen" or something similar and the system probably didn't like that, so hopefully that doesn't bite me later when I send the old one back. But maybe that "Sprint Space" thingy might help other people get Sprint to replace it rather than dealing with Palm or Assurion...
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    So my screen cracked awhile ago, two cracks starting at the home button and going to the top right and middle right. first went and tried to get it exchanged but was denied and told to go through insurance and what not. Started to file a claim but i didnt have the 100 buck to shell out right then and the phone is usable except for a third of the screen. today i finally got around to calling sprint CS and i told him my problem and he said that it is a known issue and i can take it to a sprint store to get it replaced. Go in and the guy at the front desk said he didnt know about the issue and he'll show it to a tech guy. first she said that the cracks were on the screen itself, and i was like no, there under the screen because the surface is still smooth.Then they said that my phone was not a member of the "spider crack" issue because, and i quote "you only have two cracks, a spider crack has at least three of four and it doesnt go all the way to the top." at that point i grabed my phone from her and walked out. there are a couple of scratches so they assumed the crack was because i dropped it.

    so what should my next move be? call sprint CS again or palm?
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    Same thing happened here - wish I would have serached around here.

    Phone was in my pocket for 15 minutes, pulled it out and had the spider carck. It blew my mind about how it happened.

    I filed a cliam with Asurion and paid the $100.

    Has anyone contacted Sprint or Palm for any recourse?
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    Quote Originally Posted by west33 View Post
    Same thing happened here - wish I would have serached around here.

    Phone was in my pocket for 15 minutes, pulled it out and had the spider carck. It blew my mind about how it happened.

    I filed a cliam with Asurion and paid the $100.

    Has anyone contacted Sprint or Palm for any recourse?
    I would call Sprint and tell them you were one of the first to experience this issue and paid out of pocket to get it fixed. Considering it's a known issue and Sprint is replacing the defective phones, you'd like to be reimbursed with a $100 credit to your account.

    My guess is they'll accomodate you.
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    It's amazing how many different customer service experiences are being reported with respect to Sprint. Inconsistency = bad business practice. Some have gotten great service, others have gotten the major runaround. I too had the crack issue radiating from the gesture area appear on my babied, scratchless, scuffless Pre. I did not purchase insurance from Sprint, but went to the Sprint store anyway to see what they could do. "No insurance? Physical damage. Not covered. Seeya." My call to Sprint customer service was met with "That's physical damage and not covered. I can sell you a new phone at full retail price...." Ugh. I finally called Palm and they handled it professionally and while they would not admit to the screen cracking as being a known problem, they sent me a refurb as a courtesy advance exchange for the $30 handling fee/cc hold. So far so good as this puppy appears to be oreo free (so far).
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    I have the side case. I never put it in my pocket that is a death blow it seems.
    I love this phone. My Mogul was built like a tank compared to the Pre. And it performed like a tank (sluggish). But it survived a few falls and never broke anything. I hope the next Pre version addresses these issue. But again, the Pre rocks!!
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    the screen is a known issue now. I had the same thin and I work for sprint. I started a petition a while back to collect numbers due to cracked screens while charging or just using the device. Is now a device "known issue" with Sprint and if no physical damage due top negligence can be detected it will be replaced through advance exchange at the store.
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    Same crack happened. WEnt to the store and they gave me a new one out of the box but when we booted it up to set up it had pixel issues. Week later went to pick up my replacement which was a refurb. Thought I was good but then I started to get the oreo thing going with the front plate. Called Sprint CS and was like ***. They said take it back to the store and get another pre or they would let me replace the pre with a different phone. sprint is totally aware on how bad the pre hardware has been, especially if they will let me get a different phone if thats what i wanted.
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    Just had the same happen to my phone. I pulled out my receipt and today was day 91 of my 90 day warranty on the phone. The crack is across the lower right hand corner and now I can't use the launcher to bring up any apps.
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    Thats sucks! Hope you have insurance
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    Just found this link - sorry if it is a repost. Should help anyone with a cracked screen to get a replacement directly from the sprint store. Hard for them to deny their own website...

    Support - Article
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    My crack appeared yesterday, and like most of you, I've handled the Pre with kid gloves. I took it out of the protective pouch after having placed it in there on top of my desk, and there was the crack, radiating from the bottom of the screen.

    I couldn't go to the Sprint store today due to school, but I asked my dad to go since it was his day off and he is the owner of the account. He called me back later telling me that they refused to do anything about it, and that I had to pay $100 for a replacement. He called me and put me on the line with the Sprint employee he was talking to, and I told him that there was absolutely no abuse involved, and if you Google the issue, there are pages and pages on the subjectmatter, and that it has happened to many other people. He said, and this is pretty much word for word, "well, you can touch the phone lightly, and nothing should happen, but these phones are fragile, and if you press on it, the tend to crack. You're not supposed to really press on it". First off, shouldn't there be some sort of warning about any light, almost non-existent pressure causing it to crack? Second, I didn't press on it at all! I just placed it down gently on my desktop. I told him this, and he said, he can either reduce the charge on the new phone to $50, or give me a refurbished replacement free of charge (and he added the typical "I'm not supposed to be doing this, but I'll let it slide this time", as if he was really doing me a favor. I chose the replacement for free, and will have to pick it up in a few days.

    Thank you for the link, quahtrader, I will be bringing it in to Sprint when I pick up the replacement phone.

    Whatever you guys do, REFUSE to pay for a replacement. It's faulty manufacturing, and you should not be forced to pay for it.
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    My Pre spider-cracked last Wednesday. I called Palm directly and they were very helpful. It was sent to Palm this afternoon under warranty with no money out of my pocket.

    I've heard mixed results dealing with Sprint. But everyone seems to have excellent results when going through Palm directly. I suggest you give it a try. They seemed eager to resolve the issue.

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    I can't believe so many Pres are cracking! This is terrible! Has anyone had an independent shop repair their Pre? There are lots of places that do iPhones.

    I wonder if Blackberry Storms crack a lot, too....
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    I agree. I've been reading up on the issue and the success stories often seem to involve calling Palm first.

    When you call Palm you're getting something that is standardized as far as procedures. When you go to a Sprint store you're taking your chances as far as who's on duty, what kind of mood they're in, what kind of communication most recently came down the pike from corporate, etc.
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    So I had the unfortunate experience to find a small crack on my screen today. Now I know that I have not mishandled this phone in any way, shape or form. I know I didnt do anything to cause this crack. It is a small crack, about 2mm in length and it is on the bottom right hand part, in the gesture area. I only noticed it when I was giving it a light polish ( darn fingerprints!) and in the sunlight, I notice the tiniest crack. Now Im terrified to even use my phone as I dont want to increase the size of the crack. I only purchased this phone November 11th from the Bell Store. I called the store I bought it from only to be told that it is considered my fault and have to pay $150 dollars on the insurance to get it replaced. If this crack had happened thru some sort of neglect or misuse on my part, I would consider myself lucky to have the insurance and happily pay the money. However, I know I am not responsible for it in any way. Now here is my problem. If I have to shell out the money for a replacement Pre, am I better to just save myself the money and maybe invest in different phone?? I certainly do not want to get another phone, only to have the same thing happen again??? I absolutely adore my Pre and I really really really do not want to give up on it but Im worried about this being a chronic problem, especially after reading all these post here. Am I better to jump ship now or risk it and take another chance?? I'd be grateful for any advice on this.
    My warrenty date says 08/10/2009, if that helps at all. One thing I did want to add is that I normally charge my phone with the wall charger that came supplied with the Pre. I've never noticed it to get too warm but yesterday, I charged it on the USB port on my comp and did notice a bit of heat. Its my hunch that the heat actually caused the crack to appear, but again, this is just a guess on my part right now. Im at a loss for a reason for the crack otherwise. Anyways, I look forward to any advice anyone has to offer and I apologize for the longish post.
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    I just wanted to follow-up.

    My Pre was returned today after being sent to Palm for repair of my spider-webbed screen. While the repair took slightly longer than anticipated (it took 12 business days) the Pre came back is pristine condition with a new screen. Additionally, whoever did the repair tightened the slider a bit to remove most of the minor twist that the phone had before sending it in. The phone is actually better than it was when it came out of the box brand new. It appears to be the same phone rather than a refurb based on the MAC address.

    Anyway, just a reminder to consider giving Palm a call with any hardware issues. They took care of me, no questions, no hassles just a minor delay.

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    first off, wow! I didnt know that the screens were cracking like that! I have had my phone now for a few months and it is in great shape! (so I thought). After reading through these posts, I just happen to look at mine, and it has a small crack on the upper right hand corner, by the power button. makes me think if it will get worse and worse or stay the way it is. I guess I have the be more careful. I haven't dropped it so I am curious when/where/why it happened.
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    This really breaks my heart! (Guess I SHOULD get insurance on this thing)...
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    Sad to hear of so many Palm Pre screen cracks ... mine first appeared to my aging eyes as a scratch on the side of the phone near the USB connection, and has now started inching it way to the screen.


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