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    Just got back from Best Buy and exchanged mine....i was in the 30 days and they said they shouldnt do it but if i got their service plan (6.99 a month with no deductables...but they send it out) they would exchange what ever....add a nice holster case to keep it outta my pocket...but i think that a mixture of heat and just the fact it isnt really SAFE in just your pocket even with the nifty palm case....contributed to this...BE CAREFUL!!
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    I called Palm at 407-531-4496 and they are sending a refurbished phone to me. I have to pay $29.95 fee (which I didn't try to get waived) and they put the $400 hold on my credit card pending the return of my current phone. I guess it beats having to pay $100 to use my Sprint deductible.
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    That is insurance fraud btw. Sprint shouldnt be forwarding warranty claims due to bad manufacturing to their insurance provider. These should instead be replaced by Sprint and then returned to Palm.
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    Add me to the growing list of "cracked screen, coming up from the button, in my pocket -don't know how it happened". I started keeping it in my pocket because I had too many close calls with it getting bumped or squashed against something on my belt clip --- so much for trying to be cautious.

    This is definitely a design flaw -- my cracks are identical to some of the pix that have been posted. Weird thing is you can't see them unless you hold it at an angle-- looking at it dead on, the screen looks fine.

    The real b*tch (besides having to pay a $100 and burn an insurance claim) is the hour and a half I spent pounding on the cracked screen to finally get it in USB mode so I could get a backup copy of my data. Palm definitely needs to implement some keyboard shortcuts so you can still do some of the basics when you loose the screen.

    Now I'm trying to figure out how to do a reset to erase all personal info-- how do you do this with no screen?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremy3721 View Post
    If these are starting in the gesture area, it sounds like it might be the pressure associated with pressing in that spot to slide open the phone. That's the way I open mine anyway - I'm going to try to start opening by pressing down at the edge to hopefully avoid this.
    Had this happen to me three weeks ago. The crack started at the launch point in the lower right corner. I went to the Sprint store when I bought it on launch day. They sent me to a Service Center in Baltimore. (about 45 mins from here). I expected a fight (I didn't have insurance at the time)... so here I walk in with my chest all puffed out ready to DEMAND something be done... The guy took one look at it and said "yeah, this is a 'know, not not know issue'. Added insurance to my account. Replaced the phone on the spot and gave me a $25 sevice credit to cover parking and gas to get there. Thank God, I didn't act like an A**hole, like I'd planned.
    Bottom Line - Great customer service. Replacement phone.
    One final note - get an InvesiShield from ZAGG - Great investment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustVin View Post
    The guy took one look at it and said "yeah, this is a 'know, not not know issue'.
    What did he say?
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    It finally happened to me. I have a launch day Pre and I've had no issues at all until this afternoon. I picked my Pre up from the coffee table and noticed a small streak going up the middle of the screen. I took a closer look at the screen it looks exactly like the OP's photo. Headed to a sprint store tomorrow morning to see what they can do for me.
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    My cracks are identical like the original poster. It either happened when it was on the car charger or normal walking in my pocket.
    I definitely did NOT stress the case out at all.

    I visited the service center in McLean, VA and the store manager told me it not a known issue recognized by Palm and if I wanted it fixed, the service center would repair it for $119.

    I am not sure what to do now.
    I plan on calling Palm Support on MOnday.

    Any recommendations?
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    Doitda, I went into a sprint repair location today and they told me that I would have to file an insurance claim ($100 deductible) because a "cracked screen" falls under what they consider "physical damage". It irritated the hell out of me because I visit these forums daily and am aware that this was not caused by any thing that I'd done but is more likely a design flaw of the Pre. I contacted Sprint customer service and asked to speak to their retentions department and explained my issue. I let them know that I know that this is a very common issue and I see no need to continue to pay $100 every few months when I could cut my losses with Sprint, pay the ETF and go to a different carrier. She immediately put me on hold and started calling around. After a few minutes she returned to the phone and said that there was nothing she could do but she would be glad to transfer me to Palm.

    I talked to a Palm representative and was told that they know of the issue and would A) have me send it in and repair it (no fee) but it would take 5 to 7 business days, or B) ship me a refurb device and charge my credit card $400 until they received my returned phone . I still didn't like anyone of those fixes, but during the conversation I got a couple of nuggets from the technician. First, saying the screen is "cracked" is incorrect, the screen isn't cracked he explained it as a spider web effect underneath the screen starting from the center maybe this shouldn't be considered "physical damage". Secondly, Sprint has a 12 month warranty on this phone. I told the Palm rep that I would call him back and immediately got back on the horn with Sprint. I spoke with someone in the warranty department, let them know that I had a "spider web type effect UNDERNEATH the screen and that the screen is no longer responsive. The young lady said I would have a replacement in 2 or 3 business days. Hope this helps. I’ll let you know if it’s a new device or a refurb in a few days.
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    BT, thanks. Just got up and gonna try some of those things, starting with the last!
    Will see how it goes.
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    I just spoke with Sprint Tech Support and they are shipping out a replacement phone, which they said should be to me in 2-3 days.

    He didn't take down any info to charge a card, so hopefully didn't get a hold-charge on my default credit card with them!

    I am pretty happy about this, but at the same time, this service should be the norm since I did not stress out my phone to cause the spider web underneath the screen.

    Thanks again!
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    No problem, glad it worked out for you.
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    I just posted about the same thing. My phone started with a crack b the usb then went up to screen a couple days ago, last night another on the other side. I called sprint and complained to many people befor i found the right person who would replace it for free. they did want me to pay the deductable but i refused.should have my phone over night. Keep calling till you get the right person. I researched it and saw that alot of people were having the same issues.
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    Got the infamous cracked screen radiating out from the center button -- same as so many others. I had a front screen wrap, and a PDair hard-back/leather-front flip case. No use. I think it happened while in my pocket. Just looked at it one morning and it was cracked. I've carried phones in my pocket for years and years, but this is the first that's ever broken.
    Here's the runaround I was subjected to in order to get this "fixed"

    --1st call:
    Sprint store rep told me I had to use my insurance to get it replaced.
    --2nd call:
    Sprint support told me I should call Palm support.
    --3rd call:
    Palm support was very helpful, and told me they've extended the warranty to 1 year for this issue. Told me to take it to a Sprint store and have them send my phone back. They said to inform Sprint rep about the warranty change to call palm support if any problems. Was given a support incident number.
    --4th call:
    Sprint store told me they knew nothing of the warranty change.
    --5th call:
    Different Sprint store was more helpful and said to bring it in.
    I took a long lunch and drove to a Sprint store 30 miles away.
    --Sprint store visit:
    Manager was rude and unhelpful...basically looked at the rep I was dealing with like she was crazy to help me. I got the rep to call Palm support and somehow my case had disappeared and no one knew about my issue or anything having to do with a warranty extension. I created a new case with them, had to speak with a manager who then informed me that they'd have to call me back later that day. 1 1/2 hours at Sprint store.
    2 days later and no callback.
    --Received a customer satisfaction survey in email for the original support incident which they couldn't find. I verified the incident number was the same. I think you can guess how I filled out the survey.
    --6th call:
    Gave up waiting and called Palm support. Oh, and my first support case was now viewable as well, but had no notes on it. The rep was nice this time and explained that they now have a "Repair" warranty for this issue.
    --Sent the phone back to them and they "repaired" it with a new phone. Receive it in about 2 weeks.

    --Don't ever let them think you dropped it. They will ask you at every step of the way. Even if you did drop it, it's obviously a design flaw if it's cracked from the center button radiating outward. They will ask you if you can feel the cracks in the screen. If you can't feel them and just see them underneath the screen, that's when they seem to realize it's the center button design flaw issue.
    --Get a hard shell case -- this phone is FRAGILE
    --Don't ever let anything press on the center button too hard.
    --Deal with Palm support; Sprint stores are useless and just want to get rid of you.
    --Get the "Rep ID" of the person you talk to at Palm; their case tracking isn't working well.
    --You will get many different stories of what is covered and what's not. I got four different versions. Just tell them you were informed that they have an extended repair warranty for 1 year on the Pre.

    Hope this helps some unfortunate Pre owner out there....
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    Quote Originally Posted by coolgreany View Post
    What did he say?
    Really he said ""yeah, this is a 'know, not not know issue'." Kind of a wink, wink statement that says "We know this is happening but (at that time) Palm wasn't admitting it."
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    Thinking of getting a Pre, but this annoying issue (by polls here, affecting ~25% of owners) has held me back. I figure I will have to deal with it at some point, unless Palm has taken some measures to permanently fix it. Is there any indication that this is the case?
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    All these posts have been very informative.
    However, this makes me wonder, what, if anything is actually considered "normal wear and tear" under Sprint's TEP repair program (ie, the option w/o the deductible)?

    Seems to me like they go through every avenue to avoid calling it that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swiharta View Post
    Thinking of getting a Pre, but this annoying issue (by polls here, affecting ~25% of owners) has held me back. I figure I will have to deal with it at some point, unless Palm has taken some measures to permanently fix it. Is there any indication that this is the case?
    That 25% is not accurate, we don't know how many pre owners actually voted.

    I think all the newer smart phones are much more fragile than older smart phones. They keep making them thinner and thinner. If you go over to any of the iPhone forums or do a search on google, cracked screens are a noted problem. In fact, there are independent iPhone screen replacement companies on the net. Just my opinion.
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    Add me to the list of 'cracked' screens. It is impossible for me to use the touchscreen. Is there anyway to connect/disconnect from a call without the screen? I know I can connect by sliding the keypad out, but how about hanging up. At this point, my solution is to remove the battery.

    I'm glad I read about the issue here, though. The comment about it being an 'under the screen' issue makes sense. My screen is completely smooth, but the 'cracks' seem to be growing. And, yes, they do start at the center button.
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    Received my replacement today and I'm not too pleased. It was a refurbished phone and had a huge space in between the two halves. I took it in to the Sprint store and they traded it for another device that has the "oreo effect" everyone talks about. Damn, I’d had my Pre since launch and it had no issues until the spider web under the screen, now I can't seem to catch a break.

    On a good note though, I now have 3 batteries, 2 chargers and 3 Pre sleeping bags.

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