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    Quote Originally Posted by emikey View Post
    Good news though i got it replaced for free from a sprint service center.
    Did they say anything about the cracks? Any indication that this is now officially a "known" issue at Sprint stores?
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    I bought 4 of these phones. Two for my wife and I, and our two teenagers liked them so much, they bought one as well. From my statistically insignificant sample, 25% were defective.

    My son's phone's screen cracked in the way described here (emanating up from the lower push button) within 2.5 weeks of purchase, and the touch screen was completely unresponsive. From his explanation, nothing remarkable happened to cause it.

    Took it back to the Sprint store where purchased, and they said they couldn't do anything for "physical damage". I took it a Sprint repair center, and they simply refused to entertain the suggestion that the cracks could have been caused by anything other then "undue pressure". I tried and tried to suggest that (a) normal pressure could have caused it if the screen was defective, and (b) no known event happened that caused it (not quite sure if it happened while in his pocket or while sitting on his desk).

    I filed a claim with Asurion, and had it replaced, but based on all this information, I will be pursuing the $100 credit with Sprint. Can't take the Palm route since it's already been replaced.
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    Well it finally happened. My Pre is just a flash light now. I keep it in my front pocket with an BodyGaurdz shield on it. I've had it since launch day and I absolutely love the phone, but this afternoon when I got in my car and pulled out my Pre to fire up some Pandora for the road I found I couldn't get the launcher to pull up. On closer inspection I noticed several cracks shooting out from the center at the bottom. Certain parts of the screen still respond to touch but I cant close any open apps much less select fields within apps. Im going into sprint tomorrow to see what I can get done but Im expecting they'll tell me its my problem and to contact Asurion for a replacement. Im not looking forward to the 100 dollar deductible, especially since I baby my Pre but I think the wait for the replacement might just be worse for me. I just know Im going to wake up to multiple notifications and text messages I cant read. Ughh.

    I can still make calls if I dial the number on the keypad though.
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    Just to follow up. I went in with my broken phone this morning and told them the screen was unresponsive. The wrote up a repair order and told me it'd be 30 minutes. I left to run some errands thinking "Oh they'll just tell me to file an insurance claim when I get back", but to my surprise they had a new Pre waiting for me to enter my palm profile into! I was astounded. She told me she hadn't noticed the crack when they offered service but the store manager signed off on a replacement.

    Awesome service Sprint. Thank You!
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    Here's my crack. It's right below the USB port. This pic actually makes it look worse then it is. If you look closely there is another baby crack above the USB port.

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    My screen cracked after it got 'clinked' by a wine glass...not hard at all - the wine glass didn't break, but the pre's screen has spiderweb crack underneath.

    Unfortunately, I've already paid assurion $100 for deductible and got new phone. My most important question is, how can I get pics., etc off of the old pre and backed up to my computer with an unresponsive screen?

    Pleeez tell me that someone that had this happen to them was able to rescue this stuff from their old phone before it was bricked and sent back?? Can it even BE bricked when the screen is totally unresponsive??

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeyd3232 View Post
    Do you guys know if there is a way to connect via USB to your laptop when the screen is cracked?
    My screen cracked and I would LOVE to get the photos off of it.
    When I plug it in, I have 3 choices:
    1. media sync
    2. usb drive
    3. just charge

    Surely there's a keyboard shortcut out there that will let you toggle between those 3 options (without pressing on the screen) and then select the one I want.
    Thanks guys.
    Did you ever get a response to your question? I'm in same boat and need to get pics and other files off cracked screen pre-
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    Same damn thing. Crack emanating from the USB port and it is now on the screen (and I suspect growing). I spent two hours last evening at two Sprint stores and all I got was accusations and abuse. I treat the thing like a baby, always in the case. I've been with Sprint for many years, and Palm since their early days. This is a profound disappointment. I hope Palm, via. their carrier Sprint, owns up this this publicly very soon. d
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    I'm waiting for confirmation of my insurance activation as they messed that up for some reason. i'll give sprint a call and see what they can do once i know i have insurance. it sucks so bad it cracked on day 34 and radio shack doesn't have any in stock.
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    So, back on 7/14, Palm agreed to repair my cracked screen for free. I shipped the phone to them via 2-day air and got delivery confirmation that it was received on 7/16 at 9:30am.

    After 4 business days went by and there was no online update to my repair status, I called Palm to see what was up. They told me that they didn't have any additional information but that I would receive the phone back in 5-7 days after they receive it.

    Today makes a full 7 business days since the phone arrived at their service center. My phone still hadn't arrived so I called again. This time they told me that they received the phone on 7/24 and that I would have it back no later than Aug 1st. When I asked why it took them 6 business days to received the phone at their service center after it had arrived, they didn't have an answer for me.

    They were able to elevate the level of my service order and I am expecting a phone call from the service department sometime in the next 48 hours.

    All the while I've been borrowing my friends Katana phone which is now malfunctioning. GAR!!! The $100 assurion fee is sounding really good right now.
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    I went to use my phone the other day and noticed that the touchscreen was not working on the lower right side. I started looking at it and realised that there was a crack on the actual LCD. I took it to the Sprint repair center and they want to me to go through my insurance to get it swapped. When this happened the phone was sitting ontop of a table. I did not drop the phone nor has it been in my pocket where there was pressure. Has this happened to anyone else or am I the only one? Also what do you guys think I should do? Should I just call the insurance comp and pay the $100.00?

    Thank you in advance for your responses.

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    I had a similar problem. I was using the GPS while my phone was sitting in a holder in my car and it cracked just sitting there. I went to the Sprint store, called Sprint, and called Palm. Sprint said there was nothing they could do, I had to go through Asurion. Palm said that they could fix it, but I would be 7 days without the phone. I went through insurance (called yesterday at 4pm and it should be here today before 3, not bad) and will try to get Sprint to credit my account the $100, we'll see how that goes.

    You might be able to get Sprint or Palm to do it for you, but insurance is the path of least resistance.
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    Same thing happened to me. I had my phone sitting on my bed (it never left my case unless it was on the bed) and nothing was even near it. I picked it up to call someone and noticed it has to, very minor scratches but after a couple of days they slowly started to get bigger and bigger.

    I never dropped it, never put pressure on it, nothing. I protected it like crazy because I was worried it would be really weak with all the other issues (oreo, shutoff, etc).

    Thankfully I managed to convince Best Buy to exchange mine but when I had contacted Sprint they told me Palm would take it just fine.
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    Just curious would palm charge you to replace it?
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    I have my phone in my pocket all the time I have dropped it a few times (on carpet) had it on all types of tables, but never had the screen crack on me. I also have had it sit in my car at 92 degrees outside for up to 9 hrs. Only thing i noticed with that was the lcd on the bottom of the screen where the icons are the screen had bright spots on it.About an hr later after phone had cooled (i guess) the phone was back to normal.
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    You might want to check this thread:


    Just remove one t from "http" (not enough posts to put up a link).
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    Quote Originally Posted by THETRUTH View Post
    Just curious would palm charge you to replace it?
    I never got that far, but I have read that they will not charge if you send it in and wait seven days. I have also read that they will send you new one and then you send yours back after you receive it, but that is $30 and requires a $400 deposit until they get your phone back. I asked the Palm guy about this and he said that was not an option that Palm offered. Not sure if he just didn't want to offer it to me or what.

    Also, the manufacturer's warranty specifically says it does not cover physical damage to the phone. The Sprint guy told me I shouldn't have put it in direct sunlight and when he uses GPS he puts it in his lap instead of a holder, yeah that's safe. Anyways, it will require some convincing to get them to replace it.
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    well first off, im already on my 3rd pre. ive had this one for about 2 weeks and i have a case for it. So the other day i went to walmart came back and decided to ride my bike. I go to turn some music on and notice two cracks coming from the home button, one running up the middle of the right half and the other going towards the charger port. 30 minutes before it was fine, didnt drop it and i dont think i bumped in to anything. Called sprint and told me im SOL and go through insurance.

    My question is.... Apparently, this seems to be a big problem, so if this many people are experiencing this problem when only have the phone for 2 months or less, how do they think its going to last 2 years and is palm or sprint going to do anything about this issue.
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    Its not very fragile. As with any screen, you have to be careful. I have dropped mine a couple of times on cement, and there are very very small chips in the side, not even on the screen.
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    I just noticed today a crack near the ball.

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