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    Ok, I have talked to Sprint Airrave Tech Support and tested out a few things and offer the following observations and cautions, some of which is in the manual, but does not necessarily jump out at you. Hope this helps and solves some mysteries:

    1- DO I HAVE ACCESS TO AN AIRRAVE SERVICE SIGNAL: To determine if you are in range of an Airrave, dial *99 -SEND. If you are within an Airrave signal, you will get a recorded message saying you are. You will also hear 2 beeps when you hit send while making or answereing a regular call if you are withiin Airrave.

    2- CAN I DISABLE AIRRAVE FOR A CALL AND STAY ON 3G IF I HAVE A DECENT 3G SIGNAL BUT AIRRAVE IS ON, OR IF I WANT TO INITIATE A 3G CALL OUTSIDE MY HOUSE AND WALK IN AND FINISH THE CALL IF I HAVE AIRRAVE INSIDE: No. The only way to dissable Airrave is to unplug Airrave. If you have both a decent signal and an Airrave Signal, whichever is STRONGER will apparently apply for a given call initially. This is why you may not connect to Airrave on one side of your house AND why you may be dropping calls since you installed Aiirave. Once you are on 3G and walk into range of a more powerful Airrave signal, there is NO HANDOFF from 3G to Airrave and the call will drop- it will not be handed off from 3G to Airrave nor stay on 3G!!! This is why you drop calls that start off great outside on 3G when you walk inside into your Airrave enabled house!

    1- WARNING: Airrave signal may cause you to drop calls initiated on 3G that move into Airrave service area (A little redundant from item #1 above, but explained differently):

    This is in the manual, but if you initiate a call, say from your car, on 3g, drive up to your Airrave equipped house, and while on a Sprint 3G call enter into an Airrave service area (your house), the Airrave signal, if it becomes stronger than the 3g signal (which is the point of the Aiirrave inside your house) will overwhelm the signals to the phone and will DROP THE CALL (not switch over to the Airrave). There is presently NO HANDOFF FROM 3G to AIIRAVE. You may or may not hear 2 beeps before the signal drops.

    2- Airrave WILL hand off to stronger 3G signal.
    If you initiate a call inside your house on Airrave and then go to a part of the house with 3G signal but where Airrave drops off, or simply walk outside past the Airrave signal or drive off, the Airrave system WILL hand off the call rather seamlessly to 3G and allow you to continue the call. The reverse (3G to Airrave) as noted above does not work though so if you walk back inside from 3G to Airrave, the call will drop as per above. (Sprint says their engineers are working on fixing 3G to Airrave handoff, but who knows how long that will take).

    3- Kajeet, Boost - other Sprint Network Prepaid BLOCKED!!!:
    If you or someone in your house (kids, visitors, neigbors within your signal range????) have a prepaid phone that runs on the Sprint Network - Boost, Kajeet...) and they are within the Airrave signal range (which you hope is your whole house), THEIR PHONE WILL NEITHER WORK ON AIRRAVE NOR ON 3G while they are within your Airrave signale range since the Airrave overpowers 3G but does not allow the prepaid service to use Airrave!!! This is apparently so that they can not take advantage of free calls over the Airrrave network, but note that by having an Airrave, ALL CALLS AND TEXTS to and from a prepaid phone on the Sprint Netwok will not work in an Arreave area. I did not test 911, which may go through, but they will not be able to make (other) calls in or out of the Airrave area - even if in an emergency (911???). You may unknowingly be blocking signals for your kid's phones anotherwords, and your neighbors if your signal exceeds your dwelling area and bleeds into neighboring apartments or next store. With the apparently large numbers of Airraves being handed out by Sprint, many of these phones may not work in areas where an Airrave signal is present. Fortunately, the system DOES send out a recorded message to the prepaid phone that it is withing a "private network" and that the caller should walk outside this "private network", but most kids will not necessarily understand what this means.

    4- LIMITING AIRRAVE TO WORK JUST ON CERTAIN PHONES - this is in the manual - you can apparently online somehwere ( I would not find it on my online account) or by calling Airrave customer service limit your Airrave Device to only allow listed phone numbers to work over your specific Airrave. Sounds good.... HOWEVER - Sprint Airrave Tech support advises that SINCE the Airrave signal will still be there, this has the effect of BLOCKING ALL SPRINT PHONES NOT ON YOUR AIRRAVE ALLOWED LIST FROM WORKING within your Airrave signal area (much like for prepaid phones above in #3) Again, not sure about 911. Why would you want to block numbers from working on Airrave you ask... good question... first of all, Airrave has a 3 phone simultaneous limit so this is one reason to only allow certain phones - you may not want your neighbor who gets your signal to use yoru Airrave... - In my case, my Pre signal in my house is negligible where it was great with my Treo 755P. My wife has no signal problems in the house on her Sprint phone, but since I installed the AIrrave, she has been dropping calls apparently for the reasons noted above when moving from 3G (outside or fringe area of house) to the main Airrave signal area in the middle of our house - and is begging me to undo whatever I did. I ASSUMED i could limit the Airrave to just work with only MY PRe and phone number, that is true...BUT.... Tech Support advises that since her Sprint phone will still get the Airrave signal which will overwhelm the 3G signal, if her phone is not on the allowed list, it will NOT WORK AT ALL within the Airrave signal area (not will any other Sprint Phone - guests - neighbors in your Airrave signal area!!! This certainly has the potential for abuse (set up an Airrave, assign one phone to it, and no other Sprint phones will work within its range???!!!). I asked tech support to confirm this as it sounded WRONG - a bad and potentially dangerous result (911? ...non-911 but important emergency calls...)... and they checked and confirmed that it was True!!! Dangerous in my book!!!

    SO... I am unplugging my Airrave as it seems to create more problems, at least for me, than it solves, in my Sprint Family.

    This may also explain some issues people on Sprint may be having where calls get dropped or blocked at friend's houses, offices etc. (more recently since Airraves were distributed to Pre users???) where they worked before... did someone install an Airrave recently????

    Hope this helps you avoid more issues. Now where is that signal update!!!
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    Airave shows up as a wifi network Is it not possible for those who receive a strong regular sifnal from the network to just disconnect from the airave's wifi network?
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    For the record, the reason Boost Mobile doesn't work is because they use the iDEN network.
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    what I don't understand is why Airave cannot have 3G even though it connects to a Cable/DSL modem...
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    No, the device is a CDMA1000 1XRTT micro-cell site that uses your broadband internet connection for back haul. It has nothing to do with WiFi.

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    Airave shows up as a wifi network Is it not possible for those who receive a strong regular sifnal from the network to just disconnect from the airave's wifi network?
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    Because it only supports 1XRTT for OTA data. Support for 1X EVDO Rev 0 or Rev A would be a more complex and costly implementation increasing the price of the device to Sprint and/or the customer.

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    what I don't understand is why Airave cannot have 3G even though it connects to a Cable/DSL modem...
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    I wish I would have read this prior to purchasing a $150 Kajeet phone for my daughter that I thought would work with my Airave! I love the Airave and it works great for my other 3 Sprint phones. When looking at a pay as you go option for my daughter I was (inappropriately) enthusiastic when I found it ran over the Sprint network. Bummer that I have to turn off my Airave every time she wants to use her phone at home. I guess it keeps the call traffic to a minimum?

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