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    So i got the call that the pre I ordered to exchange with the one I got on launch was ready. My launch phone had a dead pixel and i alerted them about it on launch day and it took this long for the replacement to come in, So when I went to pick it up they brought out a refurbished unit

    I tell the sales agent that I did not pay $325 and sign a 2yr for a refurb. No if's ands or butts. So i tell the manager that I wont take it, that Ill just go back to my centro and let premier care know how unhappy i am with this "rule". He says that he needs to check something and goes back into the "storage room"...Then he comes out with a new one in a box and apologises for the miscommunication?.(i checked the stats for refurb date to make sure there was no switcheroo)

    So long story short...DO NOT ACCEPT THE REFURBISHED exchange unless thats what you want . THEY WILL GIVE U A NEW ONE! Also the lady doing the exchange ended up giving me the White box and(my original was the black box) they also let me keep the battery and accessories from both boxes! So it ended in a plus for me.
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    Good for you. That was TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE during the return period. After 30 days, they might have an argument, but not now.
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    What's the exchange policy for Best Buy? Same?
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    They actually have refurbs out already? You sure it's a refurb and not just a pre in OEM packaging? BTW refurbs go through more stringent testing than new units, but I'm still suprised to know there are actually refurbs out already.
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    There has to be some out there. Many people exchanged theirs for a new one. Someone HAS to get the returned one. lol
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    I exchanged mine yesterday but having a refurb 12 days after launch... that means there are major issues with the phone.
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    OK, I wanna know more about these "refurbs". Like, are these factory refurbs (which Im seriously doubting they are this soon after launch) or is Sprint just using returned Pre's from some other customer, giving them a once-over at their in house tech shops, and then giving them back to people who are returning their defective Pre's??
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    I'm jealous. I am already on my third Pre and Sprint would not let me keep anything from the others.
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    thats horrible that they'd even consider trying to force a refurb on you. Glad you set them straight.
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    Read your warranty.
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    Sprint does not have refurbished units in corporate stores.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcnutty View Post
    Sprint does not have refurbished units in corporate stores.
    Hate to break it to ya, but they do. They started getting them in this week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcnutty View Post
    Sprint does not have refurbished units in corporate stores.
    This corp. store did. It came in a different box, and had no accessories or anything with it. The box was flat and rectangular and had 2 black stripes and 1 gray stripe. I asked if it was a refurbished unit and she said yes. The agent went to the tech area behind the desks and glass to get it, and when the manager got the new 1 he went into the locked room on the other side of the room. SO yeah it was a refurb.
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    The Sprint Coprorate stores DO have refurbs in. they started coming in this week.
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    OK, again. Someone needs to ask them WHERE these refurbished units are coming from. Something tells me they arent coming from the factory (not 10 days after launch), which means they arent proper factory refurbs, but are probably in-store refurbs.

    Stores used the term "refurbished" in a lot of different ways. If its not a factory refurb, throw it back in their face.
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    Sprint is not working on these phones. They are coming from a palm repair or refurb center.For all the issues and exchanges we are reading about, there are twice as many obvious rejects and "test run" models that have to go somewhere. I bet palm is working on any unit they can right now.

    I don't have anything against refurb's (they help me put people in BB's and more importantly BB data plans) but not during my 30 days.

    I also remember reading somewhere that Foxxconn? was having issue with the complexity of the design and in fact shipped sort of like 20,000 units or something like that for launch. That number could be off and im not a google warrior so I'll let someone else fact check it....but seems like that would produce a lot of rejects too...
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    whats a dead pixel? sorry for the noob question.
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    In a dead pixel, all three sub-pixels are permanently off, producing a permanently black pixel. Dead pixels can result from similar manufacturing anomalies as stuck pixels, but may also occur from a non-functioning transistor resulting in complete lack of power to the pixel. Dead pixels are much less likely to correct themselves over time or be repaired through any of several popular methods.

    From wikipedia
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    nice definition. so like a black spot on your screen or something. RIGHT?
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    yeah, mine actually looked like a bubble, it was dead center too. I first thought it was like something for screen orientation, but it was annoying when looking at photos!
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