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    I'm going to wait until the Pre Hype dies down, and if Verizon has it - that will only make it easier for me to negotiate with Sprint in terms of contract, charges, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreGame View Post
    As much as I HATE Sprint I say if you like the phone stay with it. Yes the Pre does have poor reception compared to the other palm products but there is no telling when Verizon will get the Pre. When the exclusivity ends they have the option to extend it or not. I am guessing they will extended it just to prevent people leaving their crappy network to go to Verizon.
    I haven't read anywhere that they had the option to extend the exclusivity, but one thing's for sure - if the Pre continues selling like gangbusters then I imagine the higher price Sprint pays Palm for exclusivity will be paying for itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by odditory View Post
    I too spoke with a Verizon rep recently, she told me that Verizon doesn't have the iPhone yet because their chief wireless scientists are testing it extensively, to make sure it's a good enough phone for their elite network. Once the iPhone has been blessed for V Cast, VZW Tones, VZ Music and VZ Wallpapers, they'll consider unveiling the Verizon iPhone to the world, with a cool red "V" logo on it -- wives will stop whining, babies will stop crying, men will stop dying - and the world will stand still, for a moment. Rejoice!
    That made me laugh too. Trust me, the only reason Verizon doesn't have the iPhone is because AT&T has a 3 year exclusive contract with Apple. If that weren't the case, they would have it. They had their chance, but blew it because they wouldn't agree to Apples terms. The contract is over next year (summer) and at that point, Apple will release the iPhone to other carriers (if the AT&T contract doesn't get extended, which I doubt)
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    I would go with whatever provider gives you the best plan and service. For me, that is Sprint.
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    By the way Verizon said they would get a device "like the Pre," so for all you know it could be the Eos/Pixie.
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    I gotta blame the phone. I find the radio weak and not very aggressive about maintaining an effort to hold the signal. I can go from silence to disconnect in about three seconds. My Treo would bang away for thirty seconds or more.

    I live in a poor reception area. Tmobile has nothing here, ATT is very week. CDMA is pretty good, but can be bad in odd weather. I'm sure VZ and Sprint share towers out here in the hilly woods. They both need all the help they can get.

    For all the money Sprint will save you over VZ, you can get a landline with DSL to back up your two Pre's and still have money left over.
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    If it is the phone, I just hope its a software issue that can be fixed with an OTA update. A hardware issue would really annoy me given the price I paid for this phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joen05 View Post
    I would go with whatever provider gives you the best plan and service. For me, that is Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drummer12 View Post
    By the way Verizon said they would get a device "like the Pre," so for all you know it could be the Eos/Pixie.
    I would stick to that quote, and hold it very true. I remember when Verizon got the HTC Touch(I think Vogue on Verizon?) Reading the forums when people got their Touch's(I already had Sprint) the Verizon guys could not believe how much Verizon handicapped the phone.

    Some even returned their Verizon Touch's and got a Sprint or GSM one instead and just flashed the ROM needed for Verizon.

    Now this is only from what I have read of othe Verizon consumers, but they mentioned that Verizon removes certain features from the phone so they can monopolize on it. Not sure what this would mean if they actually got the Iphone or the PRE.
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    As a lot of people have stated:

    - Verizon data plans cost considerably more than Sprint
    - Sprint roams for free on Verizon's network

    That has always been my rationale for staying on Sprint. If you got a VZW signal but you aren't roaming on their towers you may have something wrong with your phone or (more likely) they need to update their radio driver.

    Make sure you update the PRL just to make sure you have the latest roaming list.
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