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    Hi All,
    I am currently thinking of switching to Palm Pre from my more than 1 year MotoQ9C. MotoQ9C is a great phone and it's strong as a brick. I have dropped many times and it still works great.
    I went to the Sprint store yesterday to play with the pre demo.
    In general, I like the phone very much. The only thing that concerns me is the built quality. The demo phone was probably abused so much that top and bottom half are moving left and right by 0.5 cm. It feels so cheap. I could litteral see the inside of phone. =/
    Is there any update from Palm regarding to this issue or will there be an update to make the built quality better?

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    while i'm not excited about the notion of dropping my pre, i would say that it gets a worse reputation on build quality than it deserves. that being said, i've also been completely satisfied with my pre (no crashes or random shutoffs and i've kept it in my pocket from day one and not had any negative consequences like screen cracking).

    something else to consider:
    usually those demo phones get switched out when they've been worn thin like the pre you described, but i would wager that the pre's current shortage means that sprint stores are just leaving those wounded phones out to dry on the storeroom floor.
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    I haven't dropped mine since purchasing it on the release day, but I don't have high expectations of it surviving medium to significant contact on a hard surface. I have an iPod Touch and I would say the same for that device. Overall though the device hasn't shown any weaknesses in terms of durability in my two plus weeks of usage, including opening the slide fairly often.
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