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    Cliff notes on bottom (wrote this at work in-between calls so I apologize if itís sporadic and all over the place.) I know some like to read a long post or thread like I do some people just want the facts so you got both.

    I just wanted to share my experiences with phones and my Pre. I guess I should start with some background and credentials. I have had sprint since I was 18yrs old now I am 29yrs old. I have two sero plans for the last 4 years thanks to forum for the tip. Took me just 2 calls, not as hard to get as people made it out to be. Talking a customer service rep into giving me a seros is easy if youíre a sales rep in a call center for Time Warner. Just be knowledgeable, firm, and respectful. First thing not to do is expect customer service reps to give you things by demanding it or ripping them a new one that gets you no where. We reps can do most things a supervisor can usually weíre will to do more so if you thing by asking for a supervisor right off is going to get you more, your just insulting the rep. (Tips that will work for any call center) Iíd give you more but donít want to bore you. Now go see if you can get the EPRP. BTW I have the Pre on the everything plus referral plan. I know there were some people asking about this and it can be done.

    Ok so I have had a smart phone since the htc mogul. Loved the idea of smart phones and multi tasking. Hated the size so got the upgrade to the touch then upgrade to the diamond. Wonít review those since it is a pre forum. I am a member at XDA and PPCGEEKS usually just lurking and replying with helpful info.

    I started getting sick of winmo and my diamond and I got that on launch date. I had fun doing the touch and running roms and other apps but once I got the diamond it started to get old. I then purchased an ipod touch to handle some media aspect that I wasnít to happy with the htc winmo devices. I then was carry around my phone and an ipod touch with wires, chargers and accessories, what a pain. I was not happy anymore so I started looking for a new phone that could do both well. My first thought was of course the iphone but realized how much of a pain it is that it canít multi task. So I found an article about the Pre ďIphone KillerĒ yeah yeah every phone tryís to but doesnít beat its apps or multi media abilities usually just hype (instinct). I just wanted one that could do both well so I donít have to carry two devices. Most the time at home I am on my ipod for email and web. The phone I may use up to 200 mins a month 90% of the time at home I was on the ipod but it was u

    I immersed myself into the pre any article and video I was watching and reading. Seemed to be a good contender so I held off on cancelling my 2nd line with sprint and getting the iphone.

    I am not the type to wait in line for anything if I can avoid it, especially a phone. As much as I love phones I will not stand in line for one. My wife thinks calls my phone my mistress. I am always with her and caressing her and playing with her. LOL . Anyways, I called between launch date I put my ducks in order change my seros to the EPRP. Called the local sprint store on Thursday 6/11th put on the waiting list. Got a call on Saturday and headed to the store on Sunday. Got to the store and pulled up my accnt first thing he sees is my sero accnt. Says he can not help me. At this point its 5:45pm closes at 6pm so I figure maybe heís new and itís almost closing time. While the rep was pulling my accnt he sayís ďemployee accnts are not allowed to be accessed by them and that preís are not available to us till August.Ē I didnít agree with him and like I said he seemed new. I left without my pre and thought about it for the nite to go to ATT for an iphone.
    I started thinking what if the forums are right, no pre on seros or EPRP but I wasnít ready to give up. I called the next morning making sure they still had my pre and the lady confirmed they did. Headed over after work and same guy was there to help me. DOH! I told him look its not a sprint employee accnt but I know you canít activate it on the EPRP so just put me on a standard everything plan so I can just get the pre and leave. He apologizes and sets me up. He goes out back to transfer my contact from diamond to pre. Gives me a cool holster, an extra case (OEM suede one) and a screen protector. YAH! I leave get home and email customer care to change my plan back to the EPRP. In the meantime I get a call from sprint leaves a vmail and says sorry EPRP and Pre and not compatible. Iím bummed but the next morning I get confirmation on my EPRP saying he apologizes and puts me back on. Weird but I am happy. I think if you need the eprp on pre or had it just contact customer care by email. They tend to get things done for me and I never call in just email.

    WHEW! Sorry for the long post.

    Hereís my take on the pre.

    Keyboard is nice I thought I would like a physical keyboard cause of the bulk my last mogul had but this is nice. Canít wait till an on screen virtual keyboard gets here. Nice rubbery feel to them and I can type one handed.
    Multi tasking of course
    Having an app store even though itís limited now it has potential.
    Speaker is nice and loud no issue with voice. People donít notice that they are even on it.
    Synergy is awesome! Facebook contacts is nice to load up without flaws
    Seamless integration from one app to another
    OS is awesome especially ďthe cardsĒ genius idea!
    The switch for ring and vibrate is cool.
    Universal search is great never need to pull up the contacts.
    Geasture bar is really cool!

    Screen seems to be polarized only outside in the sun. I have the little light dots on the bottom of my screen to. Seems to be a heat issue. Canít really notice it.
    Apps are slower to load then my ipod touch but I can also have multiple apps up so who cares.
    Micro usb slot for charger (personal preference)
    Signal sucks. I can get a great signal at work with my diamond but with this I am 1X or roaming.
    Gets hot but not as hot as my diamond.

    Now battery is hard to determine for me after 4 days. My use at work with the bad signal will last me 8:30am -12:45pm thatís just streaming Pandora.
    At home Wi-Fi I can do the same and its definitely better not even close to being dead. Iíll have to official test this out later.
    Navigation havenít done a test on that

    For four days with the pre I am very satisfied. I am not going to return. Most importantly to me is that I donít need two devices and I havenít even touched my ipod touch or diamond.

    Cliff notes
    Pre is on EPRP
    Happy camper with pre
    Small white spot on bottom of screen is there
    No play with keyboard
    Came in yellow/white box with sunset wallpaper
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    you started a can of worms
    SERO ????
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    Yes I did....SORRY. I was hesitant on posting that part but as a memeber to any forum I like to give out info thats helpful.....I just couldnt hide it from others. If I have it others who had EPRP they should honor it.
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    Newbie here! Could someone please explain SERO and EPRP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jws021 View Post
    Newbie here! Could someone please explain SERO and EPRP?
    Search is your friend.
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    No can of worms opened:

    EPRP ę Inside Sprint Now

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