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    Hey guys.. i dont know if i did something, or what.. however.. i was going through, deleting text messages on my phone.. basically, at the front screen, where it has the list of all the names and conversations.. swiping to the right, and delete..

    well, the messages from my girlfriend, i deleted.. then when i received another message from her, she is not in the list of names. however, our whole conversation is still in memory i guess. basically, her name is not in the list.. but if i type her name.. it showes up.. then i can click on it, and there is all our conversation.. did i hide something and not know it?
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    even when i try to delete our new converstaion.. it wont delete it..
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    i have deleted all converstaions.. to where when you click the messaging icon on the main screen.. it pulls up the screen, says you have no conversations..

    with the little button on the bottom, to add a conversation.. i can type in mark, nothing comes up.. i can type in joe, jon, mike, nothing comes up.. all people i text alot..

    but.. if i type kim, it brings our whole conversation up.. did i lock someting..
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    i have had the exact same problem. I was doing the exact same thing you were, deleting texts in the front screen, and now one friend wont show up, but others will. anyone got an idea?
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    if you type that friends name in, will it show up?? also, when it does, delete it, and i bet it dont delete..
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    yeah, the name wouldn't show up. but i finally fixed it. for some reason there is a glitch in the phone. i linked two different profiles with the exact same name together (said friends). i was messing around with that friends info, i unlinked the profiles, and then relinked them back together. it works now just fine. maybe you could try that.
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    how do i know if they are linked.. or who its linked to??
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    anyone have any clue?
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    Woah, I've been having the exact same problem. AND it's just with my girlfriend. Could it be this only happens to a person we've sent a whole lot of texts to?
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    delete the contact and then add the contact again. should fix the problem
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    THANK YOU!!!!!! It worked
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    I had that same problem, but instead of deleting the contact, all I did was a reset on the phone. No, not just turning it off and turning it back on, but going to the launcher and then going to device info, scrolling down and reseting the phone. All you have to do is the reset option at the top...not the partial or the full erase. It worked just fine after that.
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    i been having this damn issue, posted a thread and everyone ignored it.
    Its very annoying!!!
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    thank you.. deleted the contact.. and it worked..
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    ok.. i have had the problem even more greatly now.. its on alot of contacts now.. what is the deal with this.. i really dont want to delete, and readd all the contacts in my phone..
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    i am doing the reset as posted before.. see if that works..
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    reset option didnt work..
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    the only fix i know of is to unlink the contact and relink it. There are two other threads floating around here with the same topic, someone needs to merge them
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    i did a search.. what should i search for? i not sure how to link, and unlink.. cuz i dont ever link any of my contact.. i just have them in my phone.. as new contacts.. i dont do anything else..
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