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    Mine is very much black. I wonder if there are different ones from different production sites/dates?
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    WARNING: I did this and now my phone has no video, no TXT FWD, can't sync to my desktop, the app catalog stalled at 30, all my AIM contacts showed up and I can't get rid of them, I get no reception, and my battery died!
    ah well, still better then an iphony
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    I would have sworn that mine was black too. But hold it next to the very black Pre, under good light, and I now see that it is indeed a dark brown. Very, very dark brown.
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    oh man, what a GREAT find...this is much nicer ant noticeable. i like noticeable things. ppl ask whats in your orange bag, oh this, its JUST THE PRE ill yell!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rksand View Post
    My chuckle just woke my wife. She hit me.
    Thank you! I knew someone here would get it.

    Your wife is probably just cranky cuz her pouch is too tight. Wakka wakka wakka!
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