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    Screw paying for it.... DVD Catalyst 1.5 free is great! Start the program, select "iPhone", insert the DVD, it will now scan it for a bit, and then just hit the go button (arrow pointing to the right). It will ask you where the file is saved and that's it!

    It selects 500 kbps by default but will go up to 1500. At 500, it looks great on the Pre, and sounds good too. Size is under 400 mb!

    Perfect program for me, it's almost ***** proof!
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    HandBrake came through for me, doing a second one now. First one is playing on the Pre right now, works excellent.
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    Using Handbrake (iphone settings) I was able to convert without a problem. Only issue I'm having is that the sound is very low when on speakerphone (with volume at the highest setting), but sounds better with headphones. Is this normal?
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