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    John Biggs comes off as a huge tool in this video, the guy doesn't even smile, and just seems board with the whole interview. The other guy actually knows what he's talking about.
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    Well, if I had any enemeys, I wouldn't mind the using my Pre... And I'm sure wouldn't be board with any interview.
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    Can someone change the thread name too..

    "I wouldn't wish a john biggs article on any consumer looking to make an intelligent decision based on their needs"

    Don't prefer apple due to their business tactics & decisions but I've used an iphone heavily. Nice phone, just not for me. I see pretential in this phone. Its for me. Opinions are like a-holes. Everyone has one & they all stink. Unfortunate Mr. Biggs bias articles make him an opinionface.
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    what's an enemey? Is that the same as an enemy?
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    Whoops, I'm a terrible speller... I updated the title.
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    Why can't they do a sound check before they record these things? At least adjust it in post. All 3 had VERY different volumes.
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    That guy is an *****. Any tech journalist who is THAT closed minded should be fired. Tech reviewers should be open minded to competition to the apple/blackberry mold.

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    What did you think about guy #2's statements about Android and Windows Mobile being "lowest common denominator"? Do you think that this means that it's in Palm's best interest to ONLY use WebOS on their own phones, or do you think that WebOS can become a standard (or at least a standard of sorts)?

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