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    I'm just curious if the people who bought the pre get worse phones than people who will buy the pre in a month or 2? If so what can you do to fix this. I don't have any problems with my phone so far. Everything is good on my end. I just wanted to know if people will get better phones and more stable phones than I did when they buy it in the next few months.
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    I got mine on launch day. I have no problems with it. I'm loving the Pre.
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    The cost of early adoption is early hardware (call it "charlie" hardware if beta is to tough of a term for you).

    I'm planning on getting a year; hopefully then it won't be beta/charlie software and hardware. Not that there is anything wrong with that charlie hard/software...see above...
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    My Pre has been great. Release day unit, I was first in line and everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KnightZero77 View Post
    My Pre has been great. Release day unit, I was first in line and everything.
    Same here, zero issues.
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    I'm fine with mine. No issues. The only thing is that my phone wiggles a little and that didn't happen when I first purchased it. Is this normal?
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    I got 2 on release day (both were in the same kind of box). Mine is perfect, tight slider, great screen, etc. The one I gave my wife was just exchanged because the slider was sloppy and it would shut off when the slider was closed. Her new phone is perfect (came in a yellow box). I can't a difference between my "old" phone and her new phone.
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    Other than in house reception issues my PRE is goilden. Not one issue. Was first in line on release date. Tight springy keyboard, no screen issues. Perfect.

    There was no difference in phones with color boxes, it was just luck of the draw as they say. People who are getting there phones now are having same issue as people who got them on release day. Common sense says that problems couldnt be fixed in 7 days. Now models that come out 2 months from now might be slightly different to correct any problems like the keyboards etc.
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    I got mine on release day, no real issues. I would expect the manufacturing process to improve over the coming months, so there will probably be a higher probability of a Pre produced at 6 months being as good as the best Pres produced at 0 months than at launch. Plus many of the software bugs will have been addressed by then (hopefully), and perhaps even some new software features.

    So yeah, probably there will be fewer hardware/software bugs a few months later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xberserker View Post
    Same here, zero issues.
    My Pre seems to be in perfect working order.
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    Bought mine on launch party. No issues. Love the phone!
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    bought 2 on launch day. No problems at all. I was kind of shocked to read all the problems people have been having.
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    While I think your question has been answered, I will add that I, too, purchased June 6 and have no hardware issues
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    It is entirely possible that later units will be WORSE. I've seen this with other phones. The first batch they may be using higher quality and more expensive components whereas a few months into it they can switch to cheaper components, etc.

    I saw it with the iPhone 2G. I bought mine on launch day and it was perfect in all respects...people who bought them later on had all kinds of build quality issues.
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    I got mine on opening day and I have had no problems. My screen looks fine, the battery is fine and the slider is fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jewel View Post
    I got mine on launch day. I have no problems with it. I'm loving the Pre.
    me to. mine never crashed yet.. only thing i am disappointed about is the slowness when only a few cards are open,
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    Got mine on day one also. No problems other than reception at home. When my airave arrives tomorrow, that should take care of that.
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    Got 5 Pres on launch day. A perfect 5 out of 5 score for Palm (knock on wood)!

    With posts reporting defective units, I checked all our Pres for the hardware defects and they are all fine. Thank goodness - call me lucky.
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    I got one on launch day. It has been working splendidly. I have only rebooted like 2 times. Battery lasts me all day. Looking forward to the updates coming soon
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    I got a launch Pre. I have not rebooted since I updated the following day. Hardware seems to be pretty solid, no dead pixels or light leakage that I can tell. So far it has been fine but I wouldnt hesitate to replace it if a proven better version came out.
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