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    So Joshua from engadget was on the late night show with jimmy fallon last night, did any of you see it? He was showing off the iphone 3g s (yay?). Most of you probably remember when he was there with the pre months back, I was kinda upset that he didn't wip it out again . He just showed the video recording, editing, and talked about spotlight... He also said battery life isn't much better though advertised. Moral of the story is I still love my pre, even though there is a new shiny iphone. I can wait another few weeks for video, etc.
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    Sounds like he's trying to become Fallon's official Geek-go-to-guy and climb the ranks like **** Debartello or even David P!

    I havent found a desperate need yet for video, but I am still missing it. Maybe I am just too busy playing with the rest of the phone! And I NEED full copy and paste like the old Treo/new iPhone days!
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    Usable video vs what we had on the Treos is the big difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Usable video vs what we had on the Treos is the big difference.
    I shouldve said recordable video (camcorder). I watch video on my Pre all the time now (video podcasts).
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    it actually was a pretty boring appearance. I mean Josh and Jimmy were "themselves" but it just seemed like the EXCITEMENT about the overall device was missing and they were "searching" for good things to really say. All of that was after Josh told them that it's virtually identical to the 3g on the outside. meh!!

    Dwight Shrute
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    lame booooooooo
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    i don't even know who this topple guy is, nor do I watch Fallon because he's not funny and I think a lot of people would agree that they should have put Letterman as the new host for that show.
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    Fallon bores me right to sleep. So I guess he at least has that going for him -- as a cure for insomnia.
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