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    OK. That was just the title. I've had mine for a week and love it! Below are some notes I have that stick out in my mind.

    I was told that this phone will make my life easier... It makes life HARDER :-) In a good way. I didn't get to sleep before 3am on the first few days because I was THAT INTO IT! Now I'm back to a normal schedule. But I'll tell you that I ALLWAYS have it with me. And I NEVER have nothing to do! I LOVE IT!

    I read that if you are on the phone you can't surf the web or use data apps... I DO - because I have a WIFI router! It's really disappointing when you need directions and can't use Google maps because you're on the PHONE! My wife can be on the phone w/ me, and I can surf the net for new cars! No lag (because of MY WIFI). Not sure about what happens in an EVDOrA - I don't have it at home and this was an unfortunate discovery... So, if you happen to stay by WIFI or only use other apps that don't access the internet or GPS you can run multiple apps while you make a phone call!

    Everyone knows you can have like 12 things going at once! I can tell you that if you have this site up on the phone, you might have one or two other things open, but they must be very small programs... phone or e-mail and a small app MAX. I've gotten the close some apps first notification when I have very large graphical websites open.

    DONT TRUST THE REGULAR SPRINT SALES ASSOCIATE INSIST ON THE PRE ADVOCATE- salesman " your touchstone is ALSO an extra battery" Me... REALLY! Now, I was planning to get one eventually if I NEEDED it but when he said it would take 5 hours to charge the puck to use with the phone w/o wires (and yes I did make sure he was talking about w/o anything plugged into the wall.) I was like ALLRIGHT! That was untrue. The TOUCHSTONE IS NOT A POWER STORAGE DEVICE!

    While my first Pre was a lemon, the one I have now works great. My ONLY complaint is related to Yahoo mail... I have a delivery notification that comes back every 5 minutes after I delete it. Which, I'll probably have to delete the account from the phone and redo it which is no biggie.

    The only apps that I really love right now are the: news, stocks, and brain power.

    But the web experience is awesome on WiFi... I WISH WIFI WAS EVERYWHERE! But EVDO A is not bad compared to other phones I've had. YOU WILL NOTICE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WIFI AND RevA.

    I mentioned that I was on phone 2 - the initial startup on the second device brought back all my apps and contacts. I did have to login to a couple of things that I had set to "remember me" and I did not transfer my 3 photos over because I didn't want to wait. But I can tell you it was the best phone fail/recovery I've ever experienced!

    The few times that I was in the store in my SMALL town, there were 3 - 5 folks that walked out w/ a Pre or a Pre accessory! I think this is really big for both Palm and Sprint.

    And the battery will not last a full day w/ all the GPS, WiFI, notifications turned full on. However, it will last 5 - 6 hours with moderate use. Mine lasts 3 hours with HEAVY use - Youtube, mail, pics, myspace, facebook, apps, or web all at the same time. FYI - youtube pauses when not in use. And, videos loaded via usb mode will resume where you left off when you close them. YOU WILL NEED TO KEEP A CHARGER W/YOU.

    My wish list: edit docs, video record/edit & I wish that the to do list Items were linked to the calendar w/ reminders that acted more like the alarm feature in the clock app. AND, I wish GPS Tags on Pics was more accurate while roaming... I have some from Kempner, TX that show up SW of Lampassas.

    But all in all, I love it. My wife wants one now. And of course the kids have to play with it when I'm not using it. And, you have to show it off to EVERYONE that notices it. It's the best phone I've personally used - I've not used an iPhone... But, I think that it would kill me not to be able to have multiple things up at the same time.
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