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    Thought you might like to see this
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    Nice! The Pre really shines when it comes to web browsing speed and email.
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    where i'm at, it seems that my roommates iphone is a little quicker on the web browsing. Certainly alot quicker when it comes to just navigating apps. even simple things like oping the calculator and phone dialer are Well behind his iphone. i'm not getting this 'pre is quicker' stuff. and battery life, my god hands down, apple wins.

    dont get me wrong i pretty much love my pre but i'm feeling a little down about all this. hows your guys speeds holding up against your buddy's iphones?
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    My friend that owns a fruit phone sent that vid to me. I was expecting the fruit to kill the Pre. But as you can see it was a purely unscientific experiment.
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    The pre is terrible on startup for sure. I experience that slow startup also. Just sits there glowing lol.
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    Pre's OS is much more complex than iPhone's so you would expect it to take much longer to boot up. But do you ever turn off your phone anyway? Start-up time doesn't mean a hill of beans to me!

    On the flip-side:
    I have full signal EV Do Rev A in my area right now. I just ran speed tests on two different websites: and my results were 2.34 Mbps and 1364 Kbps! These speeds seem absurdly fast for 3G connectivity, but I can't argue with results. The highest I have ever seen on iPhone's At&t is 400 Kbps! You guys visit the websites and test your 3G speeds.
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    I just tested mine. "Transferred 512 KB in 1.383 seconds."

    My current bandwidth reading is:

    2.89 Mbps
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    Yeah the startup on the Pre is extremely long, but I'm sure it will get shorter as the OS matures.
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