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    I apologize in advance if someone has already brought this up but has anyone else recently been getting an error on playback when they try to play a YouTube video?

    I tried a soft reset but I am still getting the error. It seems like its hit or miss cause one video actually played but then a couple others didn't. Any thoughts???
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    Im having this issue...with another site... Keep getting the error.
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    my youtube works when it wants to work, and pulls my search request when it wants tooo
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    No sites seem to play video for me except for youtube
    Mark F Chinsky
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    Not like they have anywhere near the on-demand selection that Netflix offers, but YouTube does have full length films for viewing now and I'm curious if anyone has tried watching on on their Pre!
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    I have tried watching one and got the error saying the video was not available. I wouldn't be suprised if we can't do it at all on our phones due since mobile viewing on cell phones may not be included in the liscencing deal.
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    I started to watch one was on wi fi turned off wi fi stopped playing
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    Anyone have a link to an example? I'd like to try this.
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    Try this
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    Is there any way to watch a playlist from youtube (ie:tv shows). Whenever I click the playlist button on the youtube page it brings up the app, and just the first video.
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    Hey, my new palm pre will be arriving in the mail come Friday. It feels like Christmas, but there is one niggling little doubt in the back of my mind I must know.

    Recently while playing with my friends iPhone I noticed they updated it to were you could FINALLY view your personally subscribed videos from youtube. Being hopelessly addicted to pretentious twats talking to their web cams, I must know is this feature available with the pre out of package. If not, is there a way to get that feature.
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    You can't log in to your YouTube account from the YouTube app, so I doubt you can see your subscribed channels, it's more of a "search and watch" app.

    You can just type in YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. and from there the Pre will automatically take you to the mobile version of YouTube. Here you can sign into your account and look at your favorites and all that other stuff. Once you click on a video, the YouTube app will be launched to let you watch. One thing you will have over the iPhone youtube will be picture quality. Unless the iphone is on wifi, their youtube app defaults to low quality. On the Pre it will do high quality by default which looks way better.
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    We can click More at the bottom left, then More from this author.. I'm not sure if they are listed um... damn whats the word. I'll just say in the order that they are posted...
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    well can you look at your subscribed videos from the web? of is that just me being far to hopeful?
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    Yeah it shows your subscriptions and your favorites if you go to the YouTube site. You can add videos to your favorites from there, but it doesn't look like you can subscribe to a channel from there.

    Just go to on your computer and you will see what you will be capable of on the Pre.
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    11 YouTube App threads are now merged into this one.

    - Craig
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