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    Its been about a week since i got my pre, and ive certainly had a chance to experience the highs and the lows. I came off a 2-year contract on an 8830 with verizon. two years ago i was between that and the iphone. i loved the touch; it was very impressive. but i didnt understand why it didn't have a keyboard. phones have keyboards. maybe mp3 players dont, but phones do. i got an ipod touch to supplement it; great device!

    The iPhone is not a true phone imo; its an 6th gen iPod with phone apps (calling, texting) and the accompanying radios.

    I was thinking about getting what we now know is the Tour on Verizon, but when i saw the Pre I knew I wanted it. Its as if you took an iPhone and its perfect touch capabilities, put on the greatest mobile os, and added a keyboard. Its nearly perfect.

    I'm gonna start with the bad only because its pretty minimal. First, I could type faster on my 8830, but only by a little. On the old thing I could type faster than on my comp. people I didnt even know would comment how ridiculously fast I type. I won't get one of those comments on the Pre, but its still fast enough. second, jivetalk is 3x better than "buddies" on the pre. its a massive downgrade. i hope its ported soon. The ringtones are also not loud enough.. got the 'louder ringtones' download, though.

    I don't miss Opera. I LOVE web browsing on the pre . more than the iTouch, too. the scrolling gesture makes it much better. APPLE: if my fingers on the page, i cant see what im touching!

    The music app is surprisingly good. I like palm's use of cover art more than apple's. i dont wants to look at my songs by album.. i dont think most people browse their music that way. if apple introduced album art by artist it'd be a much different (read better) story .

    I also like how the phone doesn't downsize pictures in the photo app. On the ipod touch apple likes to play big brother and tell you not to put big pictures on your phone. its irritating .

    I love the phone because Palm married a wonderful capacitave screen & software with a keyboard. people keep asking if apple is going to sue palm. apple wont sue palm, because when they come out with a phone with gestures they don't want to be in palm crosshair's. my macbook has gesture support, and im certain jobs was hitting himself when he saw palm's brilliant implementation of them. its coming, 3GS buyers !

    my 2c's
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    great overview

    I think the music app used in the pre is underestimated. being able to swipe away songs you dont want to hear while in shuffle mode is a great gimmick that actually WORKS and is useful

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