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    Good job guys! Almost 100 users today. Spread the word, and let's really go nuts this weekend. No reason we can't get several hundred PreCentral members contributing.

    * 266 items uploaded yesterday
    * 96 users yesterday
    * Ranked 1 of 7 Palm Cameras
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    I'm in!! I love being part of the Pre family! haha.....will start this weekend!
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    I've been doing this for a week now - the upload by e-mail function also has a special e-mail address to post directly into your blog. My blog is now pretty much exclusively photo based now - much more interesting then a wall of text.
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    Good job all. We're over 100 users now, keep adding those shots to Flickr and we'll SHOCK THE WORLD!

    * 340 items uploaded yesterday
    * 106 users yesterday
    * Ranked 1 of 7 Palm Cameras
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    I'll try to remember to do this as often as possible
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    Im in too. Lets MAKE IT HAPPEN!
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    Thanks Tempete! I saw your cat in the group.
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    I'll get an account setup and get some stuff uploaded
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    Quote Originally Posted by jakerome View Post
    Also feel free to join the Palm Pre group on Flickr and add your photos to that group, too.

    Now take a photo and send it to Flickr each day.
    I may have messed up. I just started an account & joined the Palm Pre & Web OS Group. Is that the right group as there are about 4 or 5 Pre groups. It has the largest membership at over 180. I just uploaded 6 pictures to that group--I think.

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    So for my photos to count in the pre rankings do they have to be public or do private ones count to?
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    Mike5, that's the group! At least that's the one I run, the others are probably fine groups too, but the Palm Pre & WebOS group you joined looks like it will remain the largest and most active.

    gabbott: I'm not sure. They probably still count if they are private. I'll see if I can find out.
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    I uploaded three pics today and about 4 or 5 a few days ago. I believe I uploaded my first Pre photo the second day I had it!
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    I uploaded 2 today. Created an album just for my Pre pix.

    We're on our way!! YAY!!
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    Wow, we really stepped it up!

    * 708 items uploaded yesterday
    * 120 users yesterday
    * Ranked 1 of 7 Palm Cameras
    The Sony is still stuck around 300 users. I think we can catch them in another week if everyone keeps uploading 1 or more photos each day.


    Of course, we're going to need more help still. Spread the word on PreCentral and other Pre centric sites, and let's see if we can get Dieter to plug our cause on the blog or Twitter.

    Good work all. We've nearly doubled users in under a week. We have the momentum!
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    2.4 aperture??

    Suprisingly "faster" than some of my Canon lenses

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    it sucks that the only upload accounts you can add are facebook and photobucket....photobucket??? flickr is the #1 picture site on the!
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    Man, some of you guys get very creative with those self portraits. Very nice algee650

    Quote Originally Posted by algee650 View Post
    2.4 aperture??

    Suprisingly "faster" than some of my Canon lenses

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    This is pretty cool...

    I'll go ahead and register an account.
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    Thanks cooneyca! I printed that pic a while ago and it was just lying around....(too lazy to buy a frame), so I said what the heck.

    I'm keeping the pace at 2/day.

    Lets do this!!
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    One of the first apps to be written will probably be a flickr app. Won't be hard too, they have apis we can use.
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