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    Howdy, I downloaded a NYC Subway map from the following link:

    Rats I can not post a link because of my post count. But you can find it at the mta info web site and it should be called subwaymap.pdf

    and move it onto my Pre using the usb sync.

    And I thought, oh boy this will be great. The only problem is that the PDF viewer will not zoom in close enough that you can read the station names, etc.

    It will let you zoom in and out by pinching but just not far enough to be useable.

    The same PDF on my old Windows Mobile phone with the PICSEL PDF viewer would let you zoom in so that one letter almost took up the entire screen. Same on my PC, I can zoom in very tight.

    The PDF is only 423kb, I initially thought maybe it was TOO big.

    Any ideas? Should we add this to the BUG list?
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    hah I spent hours trying to fix this...I ended up just making a jpeg and blowing it up really big.... for now til we get a png like the iphone. maybe I can send you the jpeg I have too and you just load up your pics when you are lookin around instead like I am
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    That would be great, I'm assuming you can send it to me via a PM or if not use sendspace <dot> com and then send me that link.

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    I also have this problem with the pdf subway map. You just cant zoom in all the way. I found a temporary fix until someone can resize that file.

    Download this pdf:

    The only problem is that its seperated into the 5 boroughs, its not one big map. But you can zoom in all the way and works just fine. So whose gonna buy me lunch now for this find?

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