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    I do love the multitasking abilities of the Pre but if there is one thing thats really driving me crazy is not having sound profiles. On my 3 year old blackberry i can setup as many profiles as i want and easily fully customize each profile to what i am doing that day. for instance, on a average work day i get 100+ emails. so on my blackberry i would have 1 sound setup for work email and 1 sound setup for txt messages so i could easily distinguish between the two. to be even more insane crazy customization i could even set how many times each sound would go off and throw in as many vibrates as i wanted..!!. Then on a none work day i could easily swap to noneworking sound profile and wouldnt hear any sounds for work email and only for personal email and txt msgs. I just find this shockingly missing on the Pre? How can this be?? whos in the same boat? Palm pleaseeee bring at least diff sounds to txt/email or allow us to setup sounds for each. come on!
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    I agree, comming from a Blackberry myself this is the only thing that I miss. I liked knowing who and/or what was being sent to me without having to look. Seems petty but I really do miss it.
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    The Notification (just one annoying cash register sound) Is driving me nuts too. I got the biggest headache from it cuz I had the headphones on and DING!!! in came this crap blasting multiple times no matter what volume setting. I can't wait til they update this thing so that we can control our freaking notifications. I boggles my mind why we don't have the option right now. Lets hope in this upcoming update it is addressed.
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    the speaker needs to be LOUDER!!!!!!!

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