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  • Amazing. Just like a computer.

    9 42.86%
  • A little weaker than my computer, but decent.

    9 42.86%
  • Absolutely terrible (0-1 bars).

    2 9.52%
  • Wi-Fi? Huh?

    1 4.76%
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    I got my Pre yesterday, and today is really the first day I'm using the Wi-Fi.

    However, when I'm upstairs (router is downstairs) at my computer, the Pre gets 0-1 (mostly 0) bars of Wi-Fi signal, while my computer gets 4-5 of 5 on the same network.

    Downstairs, sitting on the couch watching TV (router is next to the TV), I got between 2 and 3 bars on the Pre (of 3). I would assume I'd easily get 3 constantly.

    The router is a typical Linksys router (the purplish one). Is anyone else getting noticeably weak Wi-Fi reception, or am I just spoiled by my ThinkPad's good antenna (unlikely, I assume)?
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    My experience is that when there is only "1 bar" of WiFi, the Pre is not receiving a data stream from the WiFi router. 2 or 3, it works. The "handoff" between PCS and WiFi could be a lot smoother, unfortunately nothing like UMA phones yet.

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    I was standing outside of my mother-in-law's house and I picked up her internal signal. I also worked in the yard all last weekend (tilling, raking, etc) and my wifi remained on while I streamed TWIT and CNET. Mind you, I live on a 1/4 acre and my house is in the middle. I worked all the way to the corners of my lot with no issues. So I feel the reception is as good as my laptop.
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    I really have no complaints it is as good as my ipod touch and about the same as my laptops and much much better than my PS3.

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