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    Anyone found an easy way to organize photos? After adding some music to my Pre, and the Pre automatically getting album covers, my photo app has become pretty cluttered. I also have some pictures transfered from my PC, and some pictures taken from the phone. I have the following "sections" in the photo app now:

    Photo roll
    All photos
    Album 1

    through album 10

    Not a huge deal, but it makes it a PAIN to try and attach photos to emails or find photos to show people quickly. I tried connecting via USB to clean it up, but the only folders I see via usb are something along the lines of
    DCIM - sub folder Palm 100

    I couldn't find the album cover pics at all. I would love to clean this up a bit. Thanks.
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    I had that same problem. I had to flatten the music folder. I put all my mp3 files in the AmazonMP3 folder. If you do that then the album art will not end up in the photo app. Later, if I get time, I add the artist, album, and track number to the file names so I can manage them better. Hopefully an update will fix this.

    Edit:BTW, this was discussed here:
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    The album covers are in the music folder you import with your music. are you just copying your music folders over or are you using windows media or itunes? When i use windows media i dont get album covers but when i copy a folder direct i get the covers. Any folder you create and put pictures in it will create that as a new album, atleast that has been my experience so if you have folders within folders the one with all of your pictures will become your photo album.
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    so any way to get rid of the albums?
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnhyunyoon View Post
    so any way to get rid of the albums?
    Remove the pictures from the albums in your MP3 folders and embed the art in the MP3 tags instead, then uncheck the option in whatever sync program you're using that dumps that folder.jpg in your music album folders.
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    If you want to move photos or anything else for that matter, around on your pre the homebrew app internalz is the best way....
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