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    The wife nad I both got new pre's Thursday and in less than 24 hours her touch screen stopped working. The teck at the repair center said they had no idea how to fix it and to call cust service. Cust service said they will send a new one but they are all on back order. May be a month! Anybody else have or heard of any similar problems.

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    My touch screen stopped working as well (dropped the phone from about 4 feet high onto berber carpet... not a scratch, but the touch screen was dead). Luckily, I was able to temporarily switch back to an old phone and was able to find a replacement Pre within a few days. If you bought at a corporate Sprint store, you should be able to exchange the phone at any other corp Sprint store if your original store is out of stock. And if the service reps at your store are any good, they should be able to hold on to a replacement Pre for you when they get their next shipment, which seem to be coming in every few days at the Sprint stores near me.
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    take it to a corporate Sprint store they should swap it out with no problem
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    Got a new Pe in the mail, Hopping for better luck !
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    I have the same issue. The phone fell off my lap at 10am. At about 2pm I did the webos 1.0.4 update. At 11pm the touchscreen quit working after receiving a txt and email at the same time. Sprint won't replace the phone because of the scratches from the fall. I have tried resetting by holding down the power button and flipping the ringer/vibrate switch three times, reloading from the palm website, and using this link:
    to download the webos doctor. To use this tool it leaves out an important step that when you reach the screen that asks to plug in your phone you will need to remove the battery, hold down the volume up key while inserting the battery and then the usb cable. You should receive a usb symbol on the screen when and the 'next" button will illuminate. good luck

    **UPDATE** Found a sprint store that replaced the phone with no questions asked. I even told them I had dropped it but it didn't stop working till much later. The profile restored all my apps and contacts to the new phone as well which was pretty sweet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irtsysop View Post
    Got a new Pe in the mail, Hopping for better luck !
    Hop on dude
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    Plugged the phone into the charger and then noticed the touchscreen wasn't responsive... then unplugged it and it was responsive did this a few times same result. So then with it unplugged and the screen working I went in and did a reset. then when the phone came back up now nothing.
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    I cant get my touch screen to work either...I guess its going back!! What a pain!!

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