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  • Yes.. Hardware quality between units can cause this.

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  • Yes.. Sometimes firmware is loaded incorrectly.

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  • No.. This is not possible and every Pre will run the same speed.

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  • Other.. (Generic, explain below)

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    Hey guy's, first off a disclaimer at the top of this thread, I have had to exchange my Pre 3 times. First for over 6 stuck pixels, second for multiple "spots" on the screen, third because the two halves of the Pre actually started to separate. I don't wish to hear from anyone that is going to tell me I was insane for trying so many units to get one that worked, I don't want any haters, just good discussion on the topic ahead.

    So here's my question.. Are some Pre's faster or slower than others? The first three phones I had had very minimal lag it seemed and when minimizing windows, especially the browser, the animation never seemed to be choppy, it was always fluid. Well on my new Pre which is absolutely as perfect as a Pre can get hardware wise, is very chopping when opening/closing/minimizing the browser window, even when the only other card open is messages. Scrolling within the browser/ contacts is also choppy at times and it seems like Accuweather takes longer to open.. Between 17-20 seconds for it to display fully loaded. Scrolling on the launcher also seems a bit slow. So I guess what I am really asking is first can hardware effect the software speed from Pre to Pre, and are these "symptoms" a sign of something wrong or very typical for the Pre with 1.02 right now? Could re-loading the firmware with OS Doctor fix my issues? Is it possible from a Mac? Thanks for any help on this guys.
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    i have gone through 2 different pres now the first had a crack developing. the second seems to run a bit faster. the apps load a bit quicker could just be my mind. but the second one does feel a lot better, no wobby screen or lose slider

    using my acer aspire tethered to my palm pre
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    YES!!! I have been complaining that my Pre seems much slower than everyone else's, but I thought it was just me. My animations chug all of the time, and things just noticeably run slow. I am going to exchange mine this week to see if the new one still has the same issues. I feel better though that someone else has brought this up!

    Thank you!
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    I think the biggest issue is the memory leak that they need to fix ASAP. Resets are a temporary fix. If you see a speed difference my guess is that would be the reason not hardware.
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    Mine was some what fast when I bought it on the 6th and updated to 1.02. But now it seems to get more sluggish as the days go on despite the multiple reboots.
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    I noticed this too and thought I was just imagining things. My first Pre seemed sluggish and animations seemed choppy. My second Pre seems much snappier and smoother.

    My new Pre (the faster one) also gets much better battery life than my original slow Pre. Has anyone else experienced that connection?
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    Josh, have you run the WebOS doctor? I was wondering if a new flash of the firmware may solve our issues?
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    My concern is I have already been through the replacement game, my Sprint store has been very understanding and has finally helped me get a Pre that hardware wise is perfect. No light leakage so far, no dead pixels, no heat spots, ZERO slider play in both closed and open. Now I seem to be having issues software wise. I am hoping someone can come back with information on reloading the OS and if this would possibly help as I am obviously a bit of a perfectionist already on my 4th Pre, even though all previous Pre's had noticeable defects seen even by the Sprint employees as unacceptable.
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    That's my goal and thanks for the response. I am not familiar with Palm at all and am running on a Mac so any information on how to do this would be great. I want to stick to what I gain in this thread vs. reading outside information at first, if I have to I will do some searches and see what I can come up with.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kev1000000 View Post
    Josh, have you run the WebOS doctor? I was wondering if a new flash of the firmware may solve our issues?
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    So Josh, I just went to update my Pre, and it found 2 updates to two apps. After updating those 2 apps (Where and mCraigsList), my Pre actually seems to run a lot quicker.

    Im serious.

    This shouldn't do anything. But it did. No idea why it helped, but I suggest you try it.
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