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    I'm confused. My company gets a 20% discount at Sprint.

    What's the best plan? I went to the store and there was a $99.00 plan for unlimited SMS, data, voice minutes, and turn by turn. I think it was called the simply everything plan. But, the details specified no additional discounts apply. That's the plan I would like to get for my wife.

    How are you guys stacking promos? Is there some other plan to get those features and combine discounts?
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    The simply everything plan you are talking about Dim-Ize does not offer any additional discounts. Most other plans that aren't employee discounted or referral plans offer the additional employer discount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fgkay View Post
    After getting a Pre on a new line, I sold my SERO plan online online.
    How much can you get for a SERO plan? My son wants an iPhone so I have to stop his SERO plan.
    I don't see myself dropping my SERO anytime soon. My primary app does not run on the Pre in native mode.
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    Mine sold for $75 -- and this was without a phone -- just he plan. The going rate on ebay for the SERO $30 plan is around $100.
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    I had SERO 1250 for $50/mo but really didn't need so many minutes.

    So I switched to Everything Data 450 for $70/mo, added the 27% Citigroup discount, added free nights @ 6pm feature code, so now I'm paying about $51/mo. Any calling I do during the week is after 4pm, so with my nights an hour earlier, I just don't need those extra minutes anymore.

    I felt it was worth it to me to switch, since I get GPS Nav included now, as well as Blackberry support (in case I decide to leave the Pre), and relative peace of mind knowing that I can get any phone Sprint offers on my plan without any hassle.

    If you were on SERO 500 and only paying $30/mo, then perhaps you might think twice about nearly doubling your monthy fee. But I'm happy with my decision.
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