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    the absurd wobble mine has and the fact i've been on a waiting list for a new one for a week
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    My gripe:

    That I can't link a contact to a calendar event, just like we were able to in the older Palm OS (in my case a Treo 650).

    I am so bothered by this, I was thinking of returning the Pre, NOT!


    I'm hoping Palm or a third party will fix this or add an app for this.
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    My biggest gripe is that "I don't own one yet".

    Til then, I'll just continue absorbing everything "Pre" through you guys...
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    my biggest's just too much awesomeness!!!!
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    weak signal was the killer. Plus a wobbly screen.
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    my's a slider...
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    calendar is almost unusable at the speed it operates
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    ...and just to add to my gripe about the featureless version of GMaps on the Pre: I can't even go to google maps in the browser because the app takes over. Lame indeed.
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    i'm not pleased with my pre.. too many downfalls. if only i could get out of the dang sprint contract now.. upgraded, didnt start new account

    goin back to curve today... crap browser
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    Quote Originally Posted by logie View Post
    i'm not pleased with my pre.. too many downfalls. if only i could get out of the dang sprint contract now.. upgraded, didnt start new account

    goin back to curve today... crap browser
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1seer7 View Post
    Having to go thru contracts and two layers to send a text. Would like to send a text from any place. Easily.
    As long as you're not inside an app, if you start typing your contact's name the universal search automatically loads the contact entry(ies). Then you just have to press the SMS icon next to the number and the text messenger automatically loads so you can text to that person.
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    the alarm is lacking in many ways:

    alarm does not go off when set (even after update 1.0.3)
    alarm volume is set by side keys rather than a setting in the clock app itself
    alarm cannot be set more precisely than 5 minute increments (trying cooking a pizza like that)
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    Can't you back up to the Palm cloud?
    Not your to do list, memos, and many preferences. I use the memo function all day to take small notes and I still have notes from old palm devices from years back. If we lose this Pre, we lose those notes etc...
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    simple... and it's been said 1000 times... different tones/volumes for certain notifications (text, email, alarm, etc.)
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    Battery Life is bad. Love my phone but this is really an issue.
    I lose about 1% per half hour on idle. This is with GPS and backlight down to about 30%. I lose about 3% to 4% per operation: Email, Web, TV, Calls etc.
    Start out at 100% at 8:00am, down to 25% to 20% by 11:00pm. That's on a light day. With heavy use I don't make it till 9:00 or 10:00pm.
    I'm really hoping they address this soon!
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    Signal issues. I believe the Pre is struggling to establish and maintain a connection with the network which burns up the battery and causes the data service to become unavailable for periods of time (which may also cause the background services like messaging, calendar, and e-mail to retry and resync using even more battery).

    Hopefully, an OTA update can fix this and then all will be calm.
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    the main thing I NEED to do with my phone is business email and phone calls and it seems to lack a few things in those departments:

    1. can't tell the difference between "read" and "unread" emails - am I missing something? I'm using pop3.
    2. typing emails is a pain. I don't mind the keyboard but the lack of arrow keys for moving the curser around is annoying and slow.
    3. the gesture area and touch screen have me repeating and back-tracking a lot. For example, I'll go to scroll but accidentally open an email, then have trouble getting the "back" gesture to work and have to do it several times, etc.. Hopefully more practice will help.
    4. Whole email experience seems slow compared to my 700WX.
    5. Answering incoming calls seems to be hit or miss, and dialing lags a bit. I've dialed and then hung up a few calls after going to hit the send button a second time not thinking the first press had registered.
    6. can't set the phone to show only the last couple days worth of email. seems like it will accumulate indefinitely if i don't delete it? No mass delete?

    Actually, the 700WX, which i hated because of the size, seems to do phone/email functions much faster. If I stick with the Pre I may need to change my email technique from what i did with Winmo.

    I'm semi-seriously considering trading for a treo pro. I'm having fun with the pre though.
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    My coworkers told me that if they hear that bellhop/trainbell/cowbell notification again they are gonna flush it down the toilet!

    So yeah... different notification sounds would be nice. Even my iPhone 2G when it came out had a different email sound than sms sound.
    whatever floats your boat, buddy.
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    Hardware, hardware, problems with the OS and changes can always be made to it. The hardware however is permanent, I like my pre alot but sometimes I feel it might not physically last through the 2 year span of my contract. Palm needs to sort out the hardware issues asap. I have the screen blotches like many others and the is a slight wiggle to my slider that I feel will only get worse, these kind of things just shouldn't happen.
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    I am really starting to get annoyed at the lag this device exhibits.

    ESPECIALLY the damn phone app! Come on Palm, fix that already and stop worrying about homebrew.

    Palm, nothing is unhackable. Concentrate on what is important NOW!

    I never thought it would get to this point, but I actually might dump my Pre if they don't address it before my 30 days. Making seamless phone calls should be priority #1.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
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