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    i would like to have the screen pivot on all apps est email and cal....bad eyes here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by scuba_steve View Post
    As a fellow 700p lover and someone who bought three Palm Pre's on launch day, I'll see if I can help. See my bold comments.

    In general, I think it is easy to get discouraged here with all of the complaints and reports of hardware issues...since folks normally don't post things like, "my Pre is perfect", "I don't have dead pixels", "The slider is not wobbly", etc

    Regarding a comparison with the 700p, my old Treo can do many things that my Pre cannot...and vice versa. That said, I wouldn't trade back...even if WebOS and the Pre were not going to get better...and they are getting better, daily. Even if Palm doesn't update the OS and app store (which they surely will), we have root.

    Steve, this reply is very helpful, especially from a 700p owner. I think its time for me to get a Pre.

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    make it 3 aforementioned ones.

    1. can't forward text messages
    2. can't copy and paste non-editable text
    3. inability to save images from the browser
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    I have 2
    1- No wide angle virtual keyboard
    2- No led read out to tell me if i missed a call or have txt.
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    i have one, too..

    it doesn't tell me the answer to life.
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    Was going to post these then I saw them recently posted, but just to emphasize...

    1 can't forward text messages
    2 can't copy and paste non-editable text

    Those are crucial to me. I have already run into countless moments where I have needed to do this on my Pre and could not. Ended up re-typing messages, or switching back and forth between apps as I tried to enter an address into google maps from an email that I couldnt copy the address from to paste into maps...

    Better yet, address detection would be nice. If it could tell an address was an address and if I clicked on it, it would open up google maps, that would be fantastic!
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    I would like (love) to have a true search tool that searches everything including the calender. The calendar on my unit is slow and hard to "flip through" if your trying to remember when you had an entry. AND I NEED DOCS TO GO full functionality bad..
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    my Pre is cool, no gripes...

    well maybe if the battery wouldn't heat up so much, it sorta burns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SDRANGER619 View Post
    my Pre is cool, no gripes...

    well maybe if the battery wouldn't heat up so much, it sorta burns.
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    Now that I have EAS working, it's probably the useless center button. It shouldda been a scroll wheel. If not that, it's the UTTER LACK OF SOFTWARE. You just can't compete in this game without it. Most people switch because of productivity gain. Without apps, that's limited. Luckily multi-tasking and synergy make the wait bearable.
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    cant search emails?!!? i know it will come eventually..
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    My biggest gripe is one that I'm not sure is the Pre's fault. It won't show up in WMP to sync, but I still haven't been able to figure out the problem. I assume it's not the Pre since apparently others are able to sync, including playlists, with WMP.
    I've tried everything, including steps referenced in this thread:

    Anyone else had this problem and resolved it? Or is it a Pre thing after all?

    Oh, running a close second would be, in agreement with realistdreamer, the lack of a scroll, dpad, or something more functional than that center button.
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    My only actual gripe is the fact that I keep getting Pres with stuck/dead pixels and I'm on my 2nf one... Going back again on Monday and ill hopefully get a Perfect one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beret9987 View Post
    My only actual gripe is the fact that I keep getting Pres with stuck/dead pixels and I'm on my 2nf one... Going back again on Monday and ill hopefully get a Perfect one.
    Maybe a Prefect one?
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    Lack of word suggestions while you're typing. But as I think about this... how will it work on the Pre? You can't arrow down to your selection of possible words cause there's no d-pad. maybe a window can pop up with possible words big enough to select by touch. Anyway, I've never typed this many characters in my life. It's super annoying.
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    oh and the half-second vibration and pisspoor two-tone notification that's supposed to "alert" me to a text/e-mail/voicemail. Very lame.

    btw I LOVE THE PRE... great phone... I can live with some of its obvious flaws.
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    not having one.....
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    There are number of minor things that make it less enjoyable than my Ipod, and less fully-featured than an Iphone. All in all, for a fresh new product, I really like it.

    My biggest gripe is that the voice signal is unbearable in my county. The data signal is fine in about half the county and terrible in the other half.

    I keep hearing from friends that their other Sprint phones work fine in my county. It is what convinced me to give Sprint a try.

    Like I said, even with the quirks and shortcomings at present, I like the phone itself.
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    My biggest single gripe is that I don't have one yet because Palm still didn't announce the GSM version.
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    Biggest gripe = being a current Sprint customer and having to wait till 9/1 for the 22 month mark so I can get the full discounts. That sucks... but I can live vicariously through you guys. Seems silly to pay nearly $500 when I can get it for $199 in 3 months...
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