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    Hey. I was wondering if anyone has been able to figure out cropping on the Pre. I knwo when i save a photo as a contact, i can crop it then... is there any way to crop random pic's that i take w/out assigning them to some contact?

    Just wondering if i was missing something, or if the camera functions are Really lacking. any chance for a 3rd party app for accessign the camera any time soon? No zoom, hell - no preferances aside fromt he flash!

    just wondering if the community at large knows anything about it...

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    1. Hey! Welcome to the forums!
    2. Your topic has actually been addressed already. It's best do to a search for an existing thread to post in instead of starting a new thread.
    3. [Report the thread so a mod can merge it]
    4. Here's the thread for your topic:

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