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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRick10 View Post
    Had a BB Curve with awesome reception. Now it blows
    Same here! If I didn't love this Pre I would return to my BB.
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    users please update
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    I don't notice a major difference in voice quality, but data connection is VASTLY worse. I eat lunch and surf the internet most days in a deli where my 755p never had any problems connecting. Now, depending on where I sit in the deli, I can even find places where there is no data signal at all. Nothing has changed except going from a 755p to a Pre. I love the screen and like the OS in general, but not happy with the data reception!
    Mike B in OKlahoma

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    I had a Mogul and that device is garbage. This as far as signal goes is horrible.

    In my house I drop calls. Only have made 1 call over an hour and Id say I had to recall the person 3 times

    At work (in a business park) Roaming constantly but it will jump up to Ev 3 or 4 bars.. its all over the place

    I am very disappointed in signal quality
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    mine was HORRIBLE period. i even got an airrave and it did not work. hell i have an antenna in my home.

    for the love of god please let the pre get better reception before get another one.
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    I had an Motorola Q. It had decent reception at my house. When I switched to the pre, my reception got considerably worse. I called and complained to customer service and they sent me an airwave for free and gave me the service for free. It only helped marginally. But at least now I can live with it.
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    I had been scared ****less after reading so many complaints in this forum - it was the major reason I held off getting the Pre. But contrary to what I read here, the Pre has been a definite UPGRADE in signal. There were some regular dead zones on my commute with the 755p that the Pre doesn't seem to struggle with. There's one near my house that drops for my wife's BB curve and used to drop for my 755p EVERY TIME, but today I drove right through with no problem whatsoever. And my home reception is noticeably better with the Pre. It hasn't been perfect - my Pre has discovered some new dead zones near my office that the 755p never had. But overall, any concerns I had from reading here have proved to be largely unwarranted.
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    Mine is way worse than my BB Curve was. I can't even use it in my office, and it drops more calls.
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    My last phone was a Centro and it picked up signal all over my neighborhood. Now reception is so bad the phone doesn't even ring half the time. I'm waiting on an Airave.
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    I just my replacement Pre -- the old one got the worst reception. My old rumor I could talk on from my office here at home, on the way home from work, everyplace -- the 1st Pre couldn't hold a signal. It was the perfect smartphone, except for making phone calls.

    Now so far I've made a dozen calls on this new one, and I'm sitting in my office so it looks on first blush I might, maybe, hopefully have better luck on this phone.

    Since I don't have wifi out here, or broadband -- my internet is my datacard -- I guess the airave wouldn't be an option for me.
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    HTC Touch, no problems ever, Pre Drop calls all the time
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    Yea. Overall my 700p had better coverage. There is only 2 specific spots in my area the 700p would drop out. Happens more often on the Pre. And as others have said, constant fluctuations in bar strength, even while standing still.
    Mark F Chinsky
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    Signal is the same, but that isn't saying much coming from the Mogul.
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    i have had both a palm centro and an lg rumor, and the reception on both phones were occasionally better. for some reason my pre's reception fluctuates when i'm in certain areas. one minute i would have full service, and i would look again and be down to three bars while standing in the same spot. i have not had NO service yet, so it doesn't bother me much
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    I had a BB Pearl that had FULL BARS my pre hardley has one bar!!!!!! ****ttty Reception but I still Love the phone!!!! Wish it was better!!!
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    Same, I came from a blackberry pearl also. While it's not drastically worse for me, the Blackberry did get better reception it seems. Not a dealbreaker for me, but it could use some tweaking.
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    I came from a Treo. We also have a RAZR and an Instinct.

    The Pre always has the fewest bars. We can make and get calls from the other Sprint phones when the Pre shows no signal, whimpering, saying "Help me!"

    The Treo and the other phones never had a problem getting signal at home, about 3 bars. The Pre shows no Sprint signal at all so we had to get an Airave.

    In four different states and in a hundred different places, the Pre has yet to do better than the other Sprint phones.

    For those who have another Sprint phone that gets worse signal than the Pre, what on earth phone could it be? Are you comparing them side-by-side at the same time, under the same conditions?

    - Craig
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