View Poll Results: How does your Pre signal quality compare to your previous Sprint phone?

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    You might want to suggest that if the ## code to show signal strength is known that people pull those up. The signal strength displays are pretty poor but dB data is clear cut. Of course, they'd have to do it from their old phone first.
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    in my house i get about 1 bar of service. Now with my old sprint phone, I didn;t have an everything plan so roaming was disabled. For the most part even with 1 bar, calls would come through and never get dropped. Now with the Pre, i have Roaming enabled, and at one bar, the Pre will see if it gets a stronger roaming signal and will switch between the two quite a bit at my house. Wifey has dropped one call, but I haven't dropped any. Even with one or two bars you can make a perfectly acceptable call, but if you are cutting out I would suggest turning roaming off. I think the Pre tries to hard to get the best signal which makes things worse sometimes.
    Also take advantage and update your PRL and do a service update. Sometimes that helps a lot.
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    I just found out that we have been missing calls for 2 days.
    We have been able to call out, but incoming goes straight to voice ringing at all...texts are coming in, but way later than sent.
    Am on home phone now with tech support.(40 mins, so far)..& no ringing yet...hope they can figure it out..we like this phone...ALOT
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    My 755 rocked signalwize - I could pull signal in when others caved... My pre prefers spots in the house for both data & voice - & my treo didn't care where I was.
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    Much better - switched from 700P which missed call daily while at my desk (rural location.) With the Pre I now have no problems in my office and a dead spot on my drive to/from the office has disappeared.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregg6942 View Post
    I just found out that we have been missing calls for 2 days.
    We have been able to call out, but incoming goes straight to voice ringing at all...texts are coming in, but way later than sent.
    Am on home phone now with tech support.(40 mins, so far)..& no ringing yet...hope they can figure it out..we like this phone...ALOT
    Same with me.
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    I used to get like 1-3 bars on my HTC Diamond. Now I NEVER get a low signal! I get anywhere between 3-5 bars! I have no idea how you people are getting worse signal with your Pre's but I guess the allot of people came from the Treo. I'm guessing that the signal with the Treo is really good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emajy View Post
    My Centro would not roam in my house. The Pre always roams. either way reception in my house stinks.
    MY Sanyo used to drop calls at the same place everyday. My PRE has yet to drop a call even though I have less bars.
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    My signal has decreased compared to what it was with my mogul and in some spots where I used to have some signal now I do not with the pre...
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    Been with Sprint about 10 years and nearly always have had a signal at my house, although weak. Last phone was 755P and had EVDO available nearly constantly. Pre drops just about every call in under 1 minute and never has EVDO. Have enabled roaming, but it too drops most every call. In known weak areas for my 755, Pre is dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxGator View Post
    My reception is slightly better (not sure why that's not a choice in the survey).
    I considered the "slightly different" choices, but decided without a truly accurate way to measure the difference, it would end up being too subjective based on individual perception. I was hoping a "consistently" difference would be easier to detect without a more accurate way to measure. Said a bit differently, I was hoping the limited choices would polarize the responses to highlight large differences.

    I bet that was way more than anyone cared to know...
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    undo the EVDO only other half found a thread in here about it, & now both phones are ringing...yay!
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    I upgraded from the 755p which had pretty good data connection and i always had about four or five bars and maybe two or three at work, but that was due to the area. Now that i have the Pre i currently have two bars with no EVDO data connection..period. I still get good call reception, but no data connections. It was perfect for the two weeks; now its like i cant get a data connection anywhere.
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    Bars are less with the pre. Always had all bars on the 755p at work and home, now a couple at home and none at work.
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    Coming from blackberry curve, which sucks as a phone, the quality of conversations is consistently better. I live in Chicago in a high rise and have the Air Rave due to any carrier signal being very poor inside the building.
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    755 to Pre here. I was also curious aboout this so I dialed ##debug# on both phones. Looking at the RSSI values, there is no statistically significant difference between the two. I never compare signal bars for signal quality - these are not the same scale on different phones. 5 Pres in my family and noone is complaining about the signal in our area.
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    I had two different touch pros and my phone would never ring while on sitting on desk in my office even with 2 or 3 bars. The Pre shows 4 bars and rings every single time. While I don't check the signal strength while I'm out and about, I haven't noticed any difference in call handling so I assume it's as good as my previous devices.
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    I had the HTC diamond and the call quality was far better. This phone drops numerous times on my commute to work. It even drops on my airrave at home when I'm not on the same floor. I'm debating whether I should just bring it back.
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    I had a Curve 8330 and I always had full bars in the Philadelphia Metro area and around Trenton. Now I usually only 3 or 4 bars with the occasional 5 bars. I don't drop calls or anything but maybe the Pre is just more sensitive?
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    I notice no difference between my pre and my former blackberry curve though I never pay attention to the bars. Everywhere I got reception with my curve, I find I get reception with my pre.
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