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    Hall Sensor 24536, Optical Sensor 23876
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    Quote Originally Posted by KeeganDoomFire View Post

    I think thats starting at 12 last night... did a full restore and hardwipe ect...
    So in the hours since you doctored and did a full erase you think you opened it 126+ times?

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    Pretty sure the Pre keeps the values after a restore. Highly doubt I've opened the slider that many times in three months...
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    My test results were 857.

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    28288 / 25189
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    Quote Originally Posted by j_in_btown View Post
    Gahhh, I was winning until you!! 1967/2028. Not sure what the optical sensor is for - the only one I know of is the proximity sensor to dim your screen when you hold it up to your face. The Hall sensor is the one that would activate the hardware keyboard for the slide.

    EDIT: by the way, after 2000 opens and closes (1000 opens and closes? does it count each way?) my slider feels great. I also can OC/UC up to 1Ghz and down to 125Mhz without problems. Guess I got a robust Pre+
    I went back and checked this from May 7th to May 15th...

    My first numbers were 1967 / 2028. 8 days later I'm at 3694 / 3835. I highly doubt I've opened my keyboard slider ~1727 times in 8 days...averaging 200 opens and closes per day? I send a lot of texts, etc, but I know that most of my texting is done in spurts. 200 opens and closes a day seems a tiny bit excessive...

    But I redid the test a couple times, and it added 2 to hall sensor and 2 to optical sensor each time. So maybe it is correct and I really am sliding this thing opened and closed this much o.O

    EDIT 2: The more I reflect, the more it seems like this might actually be right. I'm going to monitor and probably start leaving my phone slid open when texting, etc, in order to minimize wear and tear on the hinge.
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    Im just at 5500 after 20 months of usage.
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    9273.....frankenpre phone number 6. This one est. Nov 2010
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    5010/5090 after 9 months. I also think that after restore/doctoring it won't reset this,because i don't think i opened so many times in 3 months.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakamano View Post
    wow... just wow
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    Careful controlled test just now showed that each time it is moved (either closed or opened) it is incrementing 1 on the count. So if you open and then close - it goes up by 2.
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    it is interesting, i wil have a try on my phone soon
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    lol oh boy
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    These numbers are strange. I have another Pre Plus that I bought used. It's ##RTN# info shows it was activated in Oct 2010 and it's a little scratched - not pristine but not rough. This test shows a number UNDER 200. That's somewhat hard to fathom.
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    I'm only at 26873 Hall and 24883 Optic. What I'm trying to figure out is if the Hall value increments by 2 every time you open and then close the slider then how do I have an odd number there? Oh well, its the little things
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