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    71 and 71... something is WRONG here. I've had my Pre Plus for a little over 3 months now, and there's absolutely no way I've opened the slider less than 1,000 times. I use the slider constantly.
    Here's the thing: I just doctored today. I decided to install the F105 Thundercheif alpha kernel and given that I installed the first gen overclocks on my Pre (you know which ones I mean...) Well, given that webOS-Internals advises people who used those early, unstable overclocking method too doctor, especially if if you test alpha kernels, I decided to doctor this morning. That's probably why my number is so low. But I'm not positive...
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    Oh man! I'm at 23,627 :/

    Well I'm 16 and I text alot so I guess thats ok!
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    WOW I'm at 12,400+ damn I guess that a lot rough math works out to around 40 times a day since I got it Thats a lot! LOL
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    3800 and counting
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    10121/10383.. Sprint launch day Pre..
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    4335/ my pre in sept 09
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    I tested it over and over again to make sure... but every time I run the test, the numbers go up by 2. That means that each number is the number of times you opened AND closed the Pre. So when you slide open the Pre, it records it, and when you close it, the number goes up again.

    HS: 5654
    OS: 5812

    So I've probably slid open my Pre around 2906 times since June '09.
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    I use the slider to turn the phone on, answer calls, etc, about 98% of the time.

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    I have my Pre for three months now and I'm at 4980/4922. That roughly equals to more than 27 slide outs on average per day. Interesting...
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    19317 and I've had it semse July. That over 125 a day!
    Palm is ferret approved.
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    4556 Hall Sensor / 4592 Optical

    Do I get a prize? :-D
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    5348 and 5723.

    I doctored some time back as well and suspect my number is actually quite a bit higher than this -- maybe 2x higher.
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    Here's my number on my replacement pre from november.. : 25125...
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    Huh, only 505/635. I just recently got a refurb. Maybe they doctored it? That could easily be the count since I got it.
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    Hmm. I think I text a lot more then most people. 5180/5157. The weird thing is that I've only had mine since... Not long after the Pre Plus came out... March? I can't remember. At any rate, it's only been a short time. ;-)

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