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    2446 and 2526
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    FYI this number will reset if you have to restore your device using WebOS doctor.
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    LOL looks live iv got everyone beat and i got my phone tues nite last week so iv had it for just over a week
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    Quote Originally Posted by d94 View Post
    LOL looks live iv got everyone beat and i got my phone tues nite last week so iv had it for just over a week
    looks like hrabadie has you beat.
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    1850/1950 in 11 days, dang. So that's why the slider is jiggly now. I wish I knew how to tighten it.....
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    Who's been playing with my Pre? I know I haven't opened the slider this many times.... 1245
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    300 slides 75 crashes !!
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    564/592 for me.
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    713 in 12 days

    0 crashes (sorry fbeau)
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    I've not been texting much the last week or so, and I'm on day 12 also.
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    got it on the preview night

    clearly I'm a slacker

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    Had my Pre since launch so 11 days?


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    I don't have a slider on my Blackberry Curve...

    I didn't realize how annoying it is to have to open up the keyboard everytime I decided to type something. I couldn't deal with it and returned the Pre. Some people love sliders... I'm not one of them!

    I hope the engineering on the Pre is solid, otherwise there are going to be a LOT of unhappy people if sliders start to fail. Good luck everyone!
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    418.. thought it'd be a lot more.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    You do realize that they may use this number to determine if you're phone's slider mechanism fails due to defects or overuse, right?

    Its their way of keeping track of heavy usage, and those with high numbers may be seen as heavy users and may have a more difficult time getting repairs (for free). I have the insurance plan, only costs $7.00 and is priceless for piece of mind.

    If anyone had slider phones (of various manufacturers) in the past, how does the mechanism hold up over the life of the phone? Everyone seems to be making a bid deal of the slider, even though its most definitely not the first slider phone to ever be created. Lets look at precedent and gauge how well our phone will do based on that.

    Palm is not known for making shoddy hardware, so lets give this some time, eh?
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