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    this is a replacement. I had it for like 4-5 months
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    I do the same, I often slide it open to turn on the screen, and text alot, and just slide it back and forth when im bored, probably more than i realize. I never talk on the phone with the slider closed either, it feel too awkward on the hand, like its too small for my fingers. Also, sometimes the screen won't turn on, i have to slide it back and forth really fast to get it to turn on.

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    You beat me. I thought I won.



    This is probably because i rarely ever use the power button to turn on the screen. I always just slide it open. Sometimes I do it for fun
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    Still On My 1st June 7th Pre !!

    Hall Sensor 21573
    Optical 41155
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    That's pretty neat OP. Hall Sensor is 5709 and the Optical Sensor is 5662.
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    Hall 1735
    Optical 1614
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    3000 roughly.
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    6845/6751 and I've only had mine since may 19th...
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    Wow I thought this was a new topic. I saw the first few posts in the hundreds, then looked at mine and I'm at around 14,000. I thought I was crazy.
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    7449/7562- Got it around the end of 09. Never doctored.
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    Hall 8357, Optical 8582 (My original Pre from last October, never doctored).

    What exactly is the difference between the Hall Sensor and the Optical Sensor?
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    743/765 but it can't be that low... I would say I open the slider on average 50-60times a day and I have a first day Pre. That's probably the number totalled from the last time I doctored my Pre 2 weeks ago. Maybe I rolled it over though :-p
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    1.245.845 / 1.245.965
    OMG!! am i seeing 1mil+++ !? @_@

    mines only 1098 / 1428
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    702, got a refurb back in May.

    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

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    im at 16675/16572 LOL
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