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    So.. Last night around 2 am I decided to go websurfing. Caught some good waves. For instance. Sprint/vision is being reworked for the pre. Its all wacky right now with a weird link to yahoo's pre/iphone oriented site. What is iconnect and why is it taking over sprints site wap portal.

    But.... Something else caught me eye. (darn pirate interface on facebook.. Addictive) I started to search 8 or 9 search engines for different palm pre info sites and right on digg someone posted a site they are try to put up. Predevotee or something of that sort. He wants to put tutorials & videos on how to hack the pre. I didn't login or ceate an acct so I do not see much or any activity but the idea is good. Even has a chat room which worked good on my pre. (1 person was passing through when I was there).

    So... Aside from your holyness of Pre sites (ahem... PreCentral) (bowing gratiously) where other Pre sites do you visit?
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    I think precentral has the most traffic on the forums. He also has the most front page articles. I also view predev's wiki site a lot. If you want to hack your pre, go there.
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    pre DevWiki and Howard Forums (very active there for the last 2 years with 1500+ post) and i tried mypre.c o m but that was before precentral which seems to have bested all the other sites IMHO
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    Here first, second, then pr0n if still necessary.

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