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    Much much better coming from an HTC Touch. That phone was the DEVIL! when it came to receptions/call quality.
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    Better signal and better call quality.
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    I'm upgrading from an Instinct. I can't seem to see any difference in signal quality.
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    It is much worse than my 2 previous devices, 700wx and 800w, and my wife's MotoQ. My Pre is consistently dropping out of EVDO coverage onto 1x, and Roaming. Never had that issue with any of my other phones.
    While I have not yet seen it affect receiving of a call (I use it less as a phone than anything else), it definitely affects the web browser functions.

    Sprint and Palm need to come to the table and address this.
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    #3 Worse than Sanyo Katana DLX
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    Much, much worse... look at all the Airave's going out. Sprint gave me one to try and help, but I still have the same issues. When there is signal, and this thing is all over the place, I normally can make outbound calls and I can hear the other party without issue. The other party however has no idea what I'm saying. This seems to happen, although less frequently, when connected to the Airave.

    Just for the sake of correlation, my Pre does get hot as hell sometimes. It must be a defective device because I just can't see how this would have passed Sprints network testing. When exchanging at a Sprint store, do they just swap out the device or do I need to bring in the whole box, accessories, etc.?
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    The first few days I would have said worse. I had a Treo 650 that has been giving me fits in my home for months. I've been holding out for the Pre. What I didn't think could get worse did. Then I found a post here that said to lock it to Sprint network (turn off roaming) and then issue ##EVDO# to activate the data side. It's been much better than at first, but not really much better than my 650. I've got Sprint checking the network and looking into my local tower. I've been recording the dB levels at various locations. Also compared it to dB levels on my old 650. Bottom line - at this point the jury is still out, but it's looking like the results are about the same as my old 650 - which I was not happy with.
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    surprisingly better than my touch pro, diamond, 755
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    The signal bars are up..down..up ..down, but i never have an issue with signal.....odd

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    Sounds weird but at home same as other phones ive had, on the road different story BETTER then any other phone?

    Calls do not drop in the 2 locations were the others used too!!!
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    Worse than my Sprint Mogul by about 10db.
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    I've yet to see anyone post their RSSI numbers or IO/EC. If you rely on bars on your phone you aren't getting accurate information.
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    Worse. I was just in a spot where my wife's Sprint Blackberry had 2 bars and data, the Pre was roaming with no data. She was laughing at my advanced phone...
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    Signal quality of Pre is a bit worse than the Centro, and the Centro's is noticably worse than the 700/755p.

    There is a silver lining to this, though: since Pre doesn't have forced roaming, I have found it more easily switches over to Roam when in a weak Sprint signal area.

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    I had a Tre 755p and the pre is much worse. Plus, you could force the Treo to roam while you can't with the pre. I love the pre but hate Sprint's poor coverage.
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    Worse, as stated in numerous other threads already.
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    I was with Verizon before on a 700wx, and I would get a much stronger signal than when I went to my 800w on Sprint. Now with my Pre, I actually get a slightly better signal on Sprint than my 800w.

    In my case it was Verizon > Sprint, although I hated how Verizon crippled their phones (ROM Flash FTW)
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    I came from a Palm Centro, and my signal quality and reception is much worse with the Pre.

    With my Centro it was EXTREMELY RARE to have a dropped call. With the Pre, if I use the phone 8 times in a day, I avg at least 1 dropped call.

    So basically, I went from rarely to once a day.

    Sad thing is, I still wouldn't go back to my Centro.
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    I am coming from an Instinct and a whole helluva lot of Nextel phones before that. Generally speaking, I think the signal is slightly worse.

    I am hoping this improves with future S/W upgrades.

    Still lovin the Pre though...
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