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    I definitely fit this description. I understand that many users are needing this phone to do all kinds of things I will never even know exists, and for them I hope the updates take care of their issues. But for someone who just likes having the latest and greatest for watching videos, playing music, looking at pics, pandora, etc, this thing has it all!
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    The phone is awesome without all the apps. Saves me money too lol.

    I still want Slingplayer tho!
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    Im in the same boat. This phone has a great platform to work off of. The next 3-6 months will be very interesting. As long as I can use mirror to link to my outlook the rest will come with time.
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    Laid back - only cuz I don't have a Pre yet. Nothing personal, but I'm letting you guys take the ver 1.0 brunt. But I do hope there are updates that fixes some of the issues you all are experiencing before I get mine.
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    i fully expected to wait for the updates when i got the phone.. i told a few of my friends to wait a few months b4 getting theirs because i know they would be less likely to return it after the bug fixes were issued
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    Laid back up to a point. I'm still waiting for a fix so I can get my work email and that "you are no longer login to Palm profile" also happens to me.
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    I'm very satisfied with the Pre. The prospect of feature enhancing, bug fixing updates is probably half the fun for me. Apps, although cool, are not my focus of this phone. I didn't want an iPhone clone... I never had, nor wanted an iPhone.

    My priorities:
    1. Make and receive calls
    2. Receive push email with Exchange
    3. Browse the web
    4. Text message

    The phone has exceeded my expectations on those issues, so I am definitely laid back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneSix View Post
    How much musics or movies do you really need? lolz

    I'm curious in what do ppl fill their phone with especially iphone owner with 32GB.
    It only took me a matter of minutes to fill up the Pre with music. But, I'm the type that likes to have a fair amount on hand to choose from, rather than swapping music on and off the device all the time.

    Oh, and I land in the "laid back" camp. Drives me nuts when someone finds some random issue and says "OMG if Palm doesn't fix this YESTERDAY than the Pre will FAIL!!!1111"

    Time will tell if my faith in Palm is misplaced, but so far it seems to me that Palm is very interested in software updates and resolving issues.
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    I am laid back. Waiting to see when a GSM WebOS device ships and what improvements they make to it.
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    Me. But I'm in a different boat b/c I'm waiting for AT&T to get the Pre or EoS. However, even though I know we'll see a WebOs device on ATT at the end of the year, I'm still somewhat anxious b/c I can't wait to use the thing.
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    I'm pretty laid back also. Coming from Windows Mobile, I am hardly spoiled by unrealistic expectations.

    I also find it puzzling that all these people are complaining about a feature not being there and it is costing them business, blah blah blah. If I relied on my phone for anything other than personal and entertainment purposes, then I would have waited longer to get the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by naddie View Post
    Laid back - only cuz I don't have a Pre yet. Nothing personal, but I'm letting you guys take the ver 1.0 brunt. But I do hope there are updates that fixes some of the issues you all are experiencing before I get mine.
    To be honest, I wish there were more people like you. Version 1 is never graceful, and bearing with it isn't easy. For example, my cousin went out and got four on release day. Guess who was doing tech support on a Saturday night? Yours truly. Although, I guess the companies gauge interest on release day sales nowadays, so I guess I'm mixed. Either way, great phone, not without problems, lots of potential.
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    +1 for laid back. I know this phone has awesome potential. I can wait for it to flourish.
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    We are the less annoying batch. =D
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    laid back? when did you get the toke app?
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