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    Anyone know how to delete all the emails in the trash bin other than one at a time?
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    I was just trying to figure out the same thing!
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    I'm hoping a future update will allow multiple/mass selection of emails for deletion, moving, etc. Currently, having to open each email in order to move it to a different folder is even more annoying that individual deletes.
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    How about deleting a draft email?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fhblack View Post
    How about deleting a draft email?
    ...just swipe it like any other email.
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    Figured it out - had to have two drafts to have a list, otherwis the one draft would only open up and not swipt.

    Thanks jimhuff!
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    There is now a Read All Delete All patch available in Preware and WebOS Quick Install.
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    Also of note is the latest version of the read all/delete all patch is much much better than the old version. It still isn't as fast as I wish it were.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psykik View Post
    I was just trying to figure out the same thing!
    use preware. the patch is there.

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