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    Now that we figured out how to get Epocrates to work:

    Has anybody tried any of the skyscape products using the methods used for epocrates? This is the only thing I've been holding out for thusfar!! If somebody can verify, I'm buying the Pre ASAP!
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    I've tried a few with no luck yet.. I'm gonna try again tomorrow when I'm off. I installed all of the Prc and the Pdb files, however classic doesn't recognize it at all. I'm hoping its something simple to get it working right..
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    I just got my pre yesterday. I downloaded Classic and attempted to install one of my skyscape programs (Tabers). Install was unsuccessful...I kept getting a blue screen error saying the program crashed. I transferred over the prc file and all pdb files including all the smartlibrary files.

    Thanks for posting the link on how to get epocrates to work. I have heard from colleagues that the native webOs release is soon due. Until then, I'm stuck with two devices in the hospital.
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    @Stillen, where did you hear that a native WebOS release is soon due? I'm not doubting you, I'm just wondering how accurate that is. I really depend on epocrates, and the classic version is just not very usable. Also, from what I've read on epocrate's website, they say they'll have full support of CLASSIC version of epocrates in 1-2 months. This makes it seem that they're trying to get that working, before they start working on a native app? Who knows...maybe they'll suprise us and just give us the native app, but it doesn't make sense how they would put so much time into the classic version.
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    Well I have not been to their website personally to corroborate that information myself, but one of my colleagues found out that they will apparently push the app soon. Perhaps she misread it and didn't realize it was the classic upgrade version and not the native webOs version. She also told me she put her email address into some form somewhere on their site to be informed when the new release is available. I hope it comes out soon...of all my medical apps, ePoc is definately the most frequently used, even moreso than contacts and other basic fxns.

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