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    From Palm:

    Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - Palm Pre FAQ: Synchronizing Contacts

    "What are linked contacts?

    The Synergy feature automatically links contacts from different accounts if it finds data in common between them. When your phone recognizes matching information in two contacts—for example, the same name and phone number—it automatically merges the info from the two records into a single view that displays all the contact information. For example, if you have a contact in Exchange and in Google for Emily Weeks, your phone links the contacts so that all Emily’s info shows up on a single contact screen. You need to open just one view to see all of Emily’s info. The actual data remains stored separately with your different providers; it’s just assembled in one view on your phone for your convenience."

    It has worked automatically on only a few dozen out of hundreds of contacts for me, but when it does it's sweet. My contacts are Palm Profile and Google and have the same name, same address, and I have added the same number to some as a test, like Ablestik below.

    They do not automatically link, and when I manually link them I get two identical addresses (like Ablelstik's two Susana Roads), and two copies of notes, even though they are identical. I don't know that notes should merge for sure, but see Riuz Foods two identical addresses merged into one, automatically, in the last pic.

    Interestingly, I just unlinked the two Ruiz Foods profiles that the Pre had automatically linked. The Pre placed a tilde (~) next to Ruiz Foods~ on one profile, as I guess it figures I must not want them linked anymore. I deleted the tilde, linked them again, and had only one address to view once again, as it should be. I unlinked them a second time, and this time no tilde was placed after the address of either profile. Something doesn't seem to be working at all like it should with linked profiles, but then again, maybe it's me.
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