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    I love this phone but I have had crap luck twice already. The first one I brought, the retarded manager at the sprint store dropped it when she opened the box. So my volume button was messed up for a few days, so I returned that and got another one.

    As if she was not annoyed with me enough for returning something that was totally her fault...I get my new one and I notice the power button is not as easy to push as my old one was, a couple days later my phone is loose and the two parts of it are going side to side. It goes up and down obviously but its so loose and it moves from side to side so I gotta return it again. Who makes these unstable fragile things?
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    Let me get this straight, the first return was the fault of the manager, not the phone.

    The second one you are complaining because a button is too hard to press? thats a new on on these forums, I thought they covered just about everything in the complaint department but thats a new one

    As far as the slider, this has already been discussed to hell and back, some are a bit looser than others. Its the nature of a large slider like this phone. If you don't like it then you just gotta bite the bullet and keep returning until you get one that is the utmost perfection.

    Have fun with that one
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    Well my first one was not loose at all, and my second one is very loose. It is an obvious screw up that is worth returning
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    To be honest I am slightly irritated at my slider looseness as well, my friend bought one from the same store and got the same lose slider with a dead pixel.

    Frustrating I know, but you just gotta keep returning at this point. Funny since I went to the display model, it had been dropped several times (from the looks of it) but damn that slider was TIGHT. NO gaps and NO side to side movment...

    It made me wonder why they cant make them all like that >_<
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    Yeah I'm going in there and starting up a storm

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