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    I bought my pre on release day while visiting family a few hours away. My pre now has the loose screen, horrible lack of signal, and is a white-box variant. Need to exchange to see if it gets better during 30-day trial period, so I called a local corporate store.

    I was told that they're getting them in, but have a 30 person waiting list. She said that exchanges for defective pre's don't have to deal with the waiting list. Great! "You did buy it from this store, right?" No, from another corporate store. "Well, then you'll have to go at the end of the waiting list, and you can return the phone and cancel service."

    Just a heads-up - make sure you buy yours from a convenient dealer, or you'll be stuck like me. Strange policy. Maybe the store was just being greedy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by feivel View Post
    Strange policy. Maybe the store was just being greedy?
    Push the issue. That shouldn't be going long as the purchase was made at a corporate store.
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    Methinks that store didn't want to take a ding on inventory. It is my understanding that all corporate stores should be able to take any other corporate store's returns/exchanges. Much like how non-corporate store (by X) will take inventory from another non-corporate store (by X). I believe you may have been had. Read the fine print for verification.
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    They can't do that. Sprints policy is that you can return at any sprint store. Push the issue or call sprint.
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    What about folks that got theirs from a Radio Shack? Does that mean I can only bring it to a 'Shack if I have issues?
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    Quote Originally Posted by guidoracer View Post
    What about folks that got theirs from a Radio Shack? Does that mean I can only bring it to a 'Shack if I have issues?
    A return/exchange has to, but outside the 30 days, you can then go to any sprint store for warranty issues.
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    i had a problem wit my pre as well. i spent a couple of hours waiting in line for my pre, when i got it it was good but i started to have problems as well. i took it to the store i bought it from and they replaced it with another one that had a different color box, to much surprise i found out that the boxes with the black color around the box was the first layer of pre's thge yellow are the second and updated pre's. i took mine back and replaced it under the 30 day policy. the store was cool, but i started having problems with the replacement including the sliding screen, i was told by store reps that the screen is supposed to be like that, showing me more slider phones. i didn't want to deal with the same store so i took it to a repair center. pass this along to everyone sir, if you have problems just take it to a repair center and tell them about something else like non responsiveness from the screen or faulty buttons. use your insurance and etf repair plan to work. being that the phone is still new a lot of the repair guys don't know the ins and outs of the phone, they'll just replace the phone. make sure you check the entire phone for any defects before leaving the store. but you didn't hear this from me. good luck
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    I believe Sprint is currently treating the Pre as a sealed unit and will not do any sort of repairs to one. If they see a legitimate problem, they will replace it.
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    damn i want to exchange for another one at another store that has them

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