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  1.    #1 earlier this morning someone posted about changing your phone to EVDO only to clear up some reception and battery problems so it wasn't going back and forth between x1 and EV. Seemed to work at first but then noticed I hadn't received a text message all day after doing it...low and behold as soon as I went back to the default RevA I got about 20 texts all at while my Data was working GREAT...your phone just doesn't work.

    Here is my point with this thread....why is that option even there in the first place then? Seems to me like it turned my phone into a data only device and maximized that service like it had never been before. Could this be the setting to use once/if tethering is ever allowed? Why else would it even be an option?
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    I also tried it to see if it would help the battery life and then noticed that the location services don't work in EVDO only mode... back to default for me...

    but I guess it's a good way to turn off the tracking if the black helicopters start following you... ymmv...
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    EVDO-only has many good uses..

    and probably about as many good uses as 1X-only (aka non-EVDO-only mode)

    Mostly, I might use EVDO-only mode if I don't want to be interupted while using the internet on my phone.. An incoming phone call will pause my data connection, and sometimes the data connection is more important than an incoming phone call. EVDO-only mode makes it possible for me to make that choice.

    Maybe I want to see if the door download speeds are because I am not getting EVDO in a particular area. Putting the phone in EVDO-only mode in this situation will prove, without a doubt, if I am operating over an EVDO data connection. If I see "No Signal", then I know I am not using EVDO at that particular moment. Without this setting, my phone would fallback to 1X data speeds, and I would be forced to use other, more complicated, indicators to know if I was operating at 1X or EV.

    EVDO-only mode does indeed turn a phone into a data-only device. How is that *not* cool!?? A little mobile-computer, internet-connection included... phone, optional.

    On most phones, this setting is not exposed in the standard menus. Instead, you have to access the service programming menu, or debug menu, to change it. Usually this requires your 6-digit sublock code.

    If you write down the instructions they give you over the phone, to manually program your phone# into your phone, these instructions usually include your unlock code. If you just blindly follow along with no long-term memory, then you may have to call as ask nicely for your unlock code, if you want to play around with stuff that's not in the user's manual... you know, the fun stuff. (that's usually a total waste of time, but for people who always want "more", that it is....)

    I don't think the Pre is activated in this manner, nor do I know how to get into this setting on the Pre, but I can almost guarantee it's there, somewhere...
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    took me over 36hrs to get txt messages and now i cant remember how to revert back..
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