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    hey guys I gotta ask this question. I love my pre but along with my first love the treo (windows mobile line) it kinda seemed palm forgot about the phones once they were released. My fear is to keep this phone and a year later find out that i made a huge mistake and the phone has fallen to the side again

    Im not trashing palm in anyway...believe me i love palm and the pre...i just dont want to be left hanging again as i felt with the treo 800w.
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    I don't think Palm can really afford to not support it
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    That may be true...but doesnt give me that security blanket either.
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    Read the sign in the window....

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    True...but if the money isnt there (as alot of ppl are saying) than it wont make a differnce.
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    I think it comes down to you are going to have to take the risk if you want the pre. Nobody here has the real answer, just opinions.
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    I think Palm will keep supporting the OS but the Pre will be replaced with other models and eventually fall by the wayside. Look how word of Pixie coming out and in multiple carriers. In that way I think the business model will be similar to BB than iPhone where they just have one model and one carrier and have been able to support all the way from 1st gen the way the have.

    Palm will have diff models with different builds and features and can not have exact sw builds. The popular models will stay. The others will not.
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    your right. I just wish i knew ..ya know.. I really wanna stay with palm but just dont want to be left wondering 6 months from now
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    6 months is too short a time for them to not support it. Eventually new phones will come out and eventually the Pre won't be supported, but you'll have moved on to a new phone (probably a Palm) by then.

    I suppose there is a slight chance that Palm could go out of business and you wouldn't have support, but I don't think that's at all likely. They have a phone that is selling like hotcakes. It's hard to go out of business when you have a phone selling that well. Not impossible, but unlikely.
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    Yes, Palm will support the Pre - and all WebOS devices. If you read Palm's 10Q for the last quarter, it states (paraphrasing here - I am too lazy to look it up again) that Palm has changed part of its accounting model for the Pre and other WebOS devices. They are going to be recognizing part of the revenue stream from these sources differently than they have any other product in the past. They are going to use a subscription method to insure that they have the capital to continue to update and release new features for the devices and OS.
    This means that they plan on continuing to support these products. In fact, they have made a decision to budget for supporting these products.
    This, in turn, means that they will have dedicated duties for employees to work on updating, fixing, building new features, for these products.
    Which brings me back to the beginning, and answering the question asked by the OP:
    Yes, Palm will be supporting the Pre and other WebOS devices.

    However, on a side note, the life of the Pre has been budgeted to be 2 years. This is practical, as two years from now technology will have advanced. But this also means that around the end of 18 months, support for the Pre product most likely will become second tier to whatever new device Palm chooses to replace it with as its flagship.
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    Look how long Palm supported OS before they moved forward. I don't think longevity in supporting their platform is Palm's problem.

    Perhaps having tunnel vision once they've gotten a great device, but not jumping ship, mid-stream to a new platform.

    I think your safe with Palm for your two year contract. That doesn't mean they won't come out with other WebOS devices, but the Pre is a Premium device.

    If the developers write for it and support it, we'll have absolute bliss for a few years.
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    if this phone can go 2 years with support ill be dang happy

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