If I keep my pre then I have to deal with getting data from my 755p over to the pre. This is what I can tell you of my situation.
1. have a gmail acct
2. have a road runner mail acct
3. old 755p was sync'd to my laptop (windows xp)
4. my desktop pc is vista 64 bit and never sync'd my 755p with the desktop pc
5. desktop pc uses Windows Mail v6 which it seems does not even have Memos and Task functions in it.
6. I'm aware of the palm Data Transfer Assistant but have not used it yet
7. only want the memos and a way to catagorize them moved to the pre
8. I have imported some of my contacts into the gmail acct already from my vista windows mail program listing
9. have no contacts in my road runner mail acct
10. would like to move my splash id app data over and will go read what splash data says about that functionality.

I had thought about editing my 100 memos that I store for work related notes and add a G-1 in front of each, at least that way if they all got dumped into a single memo bucket I could have it sorted in that manner. same for all my other memo catagories...sorry if that seems like the wrong way to go but I'm clueless as to how to deal with pre's lack of conversion for us old palm users such that they convert over into any catagory order (seems it is a no go for the near term). I know evernote has a beta app but never really used it on the old palm os to speak of.

not thrilled about using a free app such as gmail...would rather pay for something and know they do not scan my text to then feed me ads (I know dumb to say to many I'm sure...just never feel if it is 'free' you always come out ahead)...I like my privacy, what can I say. best of all worlds would be to be able to sync with my desktop pc in wireless mode...though desktop needs a wireless usb drive for that to happen I would say and even then one cannot sync with vista mail or if one could it does not offer the old xp mail memos/task functions.

sorry if this is a 'old hat' question for treo users...just an old palm treo owner here trying to convert to the 'new' palm game plan and would like to do it the 'right way' the first time around. though of course the pre/palm app store is still a baby thus a lot of the apps we might want to have on the pre are not there yet I'm sure. mean time I carry my old 755p into work each day so I can reference memos/passwords at needed.