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    Hey guys,

    I've been wanting to get a smart phone for some time now. At first I was only looking into blackberry, until I learned about the Pre (not too much into iPhones) and I hadn't heard about a lot of other phones (I guess they aren't publicized as much...

    Anyway, I've never had one before. So my question is, how hard will it be for someone to adjust to a smartphone who's never had one. How "easy" will the functions be seeing has how most who use the phone have had a similar phone before.

    I recently broke my old flip phone (tonight actually) its literally hanging by the wire that connects the screen to the keypad. So hopefully, I'll get something soon.

    If not the Pre, I'll get the BB Curve 8330. Which one would be easiest to learn?
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    One of the reasons the Pre appeals to me is that they have implemented multi-tasking in a way that makes sense to anybody who has used a desktop OS before.

    I don't see you having any problems getting used to a Pre, just watch lots of videos first to get an idea of how things work.
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    My wife loves her Pre and she is about the most non-techie person I know. Well not as bad as my grandmother but you get the picture. You should be just fine.
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    i've never had a smartphone. Pre is easy to learn. If you explore
    Its possibilities, it's fun and makes life even easier. Pre is amazing.
    I'm 72, relatively computer literatr and having a
    Ball with this neat little device
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    The card concept makes it really easy to switch between apps and see what's running.

    Especially if you've never used a touchscreen phone, make sure you take time to read the PDF manual and learn the gestures.. it'll make life a lot easier.

    Also, see if you can play with it in the store a couple of times to see if you like the feel of the phone as well as the interface.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    I would think either phone would be easy. The Curve was my first smart phone and it was very easy to learn. I think the Pre is set up to be very user friendly so you should be fine with either one.

    You really didn't expect anyone in the Pre forum to recommend the Curve, did you? But I will go out on a limb and do it only because it's already solid. The Pre should be in the future, but all new phones have glitches.
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    Your story sounds familiar.... I've had many cell phones before but never a smart phone until the pre. And let me tell you, you honestly have nothing to worry about regarding a learning curve. If you are somewhat into technology you will have no problem coming from a dumb phone. It took me about an hour or so by fooling around with the phone and after that it was like second nature. You really have nothing to worry about and its honestly a great phone. Oh btw after getting this phone on launch day this is my first post to the fourm on the pre! Ahh I love this phone.
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    I am a fairly new smart phone user as well. I traded in my curve for the pre. Loving the pre alot more because i seems more user friendly.

    The curve seemed like it took clicking and selecting several buttons to to one minor task. You are constantly have to to keep an eye on open applications or you run out of memory fast.

    The pre is so easy to learn and navigate. I want an application gone? One flick of the finger and its gone. (some minor memory leakage sometimes but hasn't been a hudge deal for me so far.
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    Besides copy & paste the PrPrPré $is$ $very$ $intuitive$.
    Good option for a first smartphone. Mine was a Q9c and it took some getting used to.
    This phone is a breeze.
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    the pre is my first smartphone, and here are my only concerns for you:

    some basic functionality that you might take for granted with your 'dumb' phone might not actually be present with this smart phone, so make sure you do your research.

    the battery will not last as long. I know this sounds stupid, but that was my biggest shock. my old phone would go for days with heavy use between charges. apparently most smartphones must be charged every night.

    other then this, the pre is a blast to use! and you will adjust very, very quickly. Y ou wont know how you got on before having a smart phone.
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